Monday, January 16, 2012

Who dares to say still that Tokio Hotel is dead ?

The application of the twins of Tokio Hotel came out on itunes today. The servers of the appli did not resist with the crowd of the fans who rushed to buy it on itunes store.
No people! Tokio Hotel isn't dead and Aliens ( their fans) either. The application is classified in 2nd position on Itunes store this evening. And I don't still have it. I cry!!! In 3 weeks, for my birthday, I offer myself IPhone 4s + BTK.

How the admin of BTK Twins didn't plan servers correctly sized for this application? He didn't know the madness of Aliens maybe.
The next time, recruit me twins as Admin. I would feel much more motivated to manage your appli that the app of the bank where I work.

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  1. Excellente nouvelle, à laquelle on s'attendait tout de même, mais qui fait chaud au coeur ! Car l'Amour et la fidélité que nous vouons au Groupe est indéfectible, n'en déplaise aux détracteurs... Tu as raison de "postuler" Marie... sait-on jamais !! Il est évident que la motivation ne serait pas du tout la même :-)) Bisous. (Fabienne)