Thursday, March 28, 2013

Memory - Belgrade - March 28, 2010

3 years ago today, I attended the concert of Tokio Hotel in Belgrade in Serbia. What a great memory!!

This day, I gave to Gustav a bag full of candies for the 4 boys of Tokio Hotel. There were even doggy biscuits for the dogs of Bill and Tom. I hope they liked.
3 Years ....
I received my confirmation email for tickets DSDS. (April 6 and May 4)
 I made bank transfers. Now I'm waiting for the tickets ..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Bill - Studio in Germany - 26th March 2013

I 'll see him again soon in Cologne ... I can't believe it ...

My dog doesn't eat!

My dog doesn't really eat a lot since all the time !! During his last visit to the vet, we saw he lost weight a lot. The vet advised me to feed him with dry dog food for baby, richer and more palatable
The vet gave me various samples. The cats love. Grrr  And my dog ​​seems to eat a little better. Sometimes I give him in my hand. If somebody has advices for me, to feed a dog who isn't greedy ..I want to listen to these advices ... 

Bill, my dog ...

Samples - food baby dog

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bill ♥

He is so beautiful! I'm so frustrated. I can't get tickets for DSDS. I didn't think it would be so difficult. Bill and Tom are in Germany and maybe I 'll not can see them . I'm so sad .. 
I even asked Premium tickets by mail. But I had no answer. It 's as if DSDS didn't want me. 
Maybe, I have to wait for the next concerts to see them again. I wrote this last sentence with tears in my eyes...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New background ! ♥

Here is my new background for my phone. I love it !! I love him .

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo of the day !!

My god! Bill is so beautiful! I love his new look. 
I know that I should  forget him to live better.
But how I could forget him, not to think of him?
No, I 'm condemned to think of him and to love him for the rest of my life.
In my shadow .... He can shine ...Forever

Tom is really so sexy !! Wow !! Really twins ...

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Next Day ...

The new album of David Bowie released finally today. I have it ... Of course !! 


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feeling - Pain of Love

The pain of love
In all of us
It hits you like a hammer
The pain of love
We can't turn off
Let's celebrate the drama
The pain of love
Don't let us crush
We will be all forgiven
The pain of love
I wanna touch
Without it's not worth living

And we go on
And we go on and on and on and on
We don't belong
We don't belong, belong to anyone
The pain of love will last forever
Promise me, promise me
We'll celebrate the play together
The pain of love, love, love

We climb the mountains
Walk the desert
For our love
Let's make a pact tonight
So we can feel this pain of love forever

(Lyric : Tokio Hotel song)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello !!

"Hello! I 'm Pepsi and I grew up a lot. I 'm not almost any more a kitten... "

Pepsi is the cat of my father. 
I had a great time with my family. I 'll go to Paris tomorrow.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Song - Goldene Zeit Goldenes Land

I like very much this song of Nena, "Goldene Zeit Goldenes Land". This song is in her last album " Du bist Gut".
I have this song in my mind. I sing this song all day long at the moment..


Ich hab dich nie verloren
Menschen kann man ja nicht verlieren
Nach vielen tausend Leben
Sind wir jetzt alle wieder hier
Ich wusste, du kommst wieder
und jetzt steigen wir hier mit ein
Über jede Form hinaus
werden wir die Meister sein
Alles für die Liebe
und das was uns zusammen hält
Die kosmischen Oktaven
bauen mit uns ein neues Feld

Goldene Zeit, goldenes Land
war ein Meer ohne Strand
in Atlantis geboren
wir haben uns nie verloren

 Goldene Zeit, goldenes Land
küss den Mund der mich band
kann den Brüdern vertrauen
wollen ein Königreich bauen

Wir waren noch nie alleine
alle Planeten sind bewohnt
Die Zeit vergeht jetzt schneller
alles neu und ungewohnt
Alles schmeckt wieder nach Leben
wir sind lebendig und verliebt
Jeder nimmt und alle geben
und wir sind froh dass es uns gibt

Goldene Zeit, goldenes Land
war ein Meer ohne Strand
in Atlantis geboren
wir haben uns nie verloren
Goldene Zeit, goldenes Land
küss den Mund der mich band
kann den Brüdern vertrauen
wollen ein Königreich bauen

Wo ich gestern noch stand
ist der Boden verbrannt

Über jede Form hinaus
mit der Gitarre in der Hand
bauen wir uns das Rad der Zeit
und spielen alle an die Wand

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Recovery ;-)

I feel better but still tired. I don't feel going to run 15 km in the wood. Soon. Next sunday ! Maybe ! No Next Sunday .. I want it .. 
I drive tomorrow with Paul and Bill, my dog,  to go to see my father. He was also sick ( the flu) and he feels very tired. I 'll cook him good meals so that he regains strenght. 
 I 'll stop at Nancy tomorrow to see my sister and my nephew. We'll go together see my mom. And then I 'll drive to Epinal with Paul and Hugo, my nephew.
My father is always satisfied when the famillial house livens up again. I'm so happy to see them ... 

Today I received my last Diesel order for Paul. It 's a disaster. Paul grows so quickly.
I removed from his dressing all the clothes size 14 years. Too small. And I stored in the dressing, clothing size 16 or small adult. 
I think he 's going to grow again a lot. The men are tall in my family. 

P.S. : I didn't still manage to have ticket for the shows of DSDS. I 'll try again next time for the April 27 show. And if I don't have a ticket, I'll go anyway. I'll be in Köln on 27th April 2013. A Glam Rock outfit, without vulgarity of course! And it's OK. It's a TV show ! ;-)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holiday - Sick - Movies (in bed)

Since 2 days, I'm in my bed. Sick. High fever and headache. I 'm so rarely sick. But I felt so vulnerable this week. When you don't have the will to fight you get sick. 
I got sick last Thursday and I wanted to go to work because I had a lot of work to do before my vacation. 
Results: I'm on vacation .... in my bed ..  :-) 
I watch movies that I have for a long time in my DVD library. I read some fashion magazines. I drink hot tea .... But above all I sleep. I hope I'll be better tomorrow.
 (I 'm feeling like Madame de Tourvel in Dangerous Liaisons at the end of the film ... Probably Too fever :-) )

 My bedside table!

My private Nurse !! Lova 

I watched several movies. I watched "Amadeus" for the 1000th times! I watched The Ghostwriter of Roman Polanski (Great Movie). Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro (I liked it!) 
And I liked much The Invisble Circus with Jordana Brewster , Christopher Eccleston and Cameron Diaz . 


 Marie : " One day I too will try to find what happened. It was so intense!
I just need to understand why it was forbidden....
just to continue to live .."