My BTK App

Why I create this page? I connect the application BTK Twins every day and I like very much what post Bill and Tom. I want always very to answer their comments, to express my opinion and to ask them questions. But as many Aliens answers the comments of the twins, I think that none of my messages was read. I understands why, but it 's rather frustrating.

I thought of stopping posting on the BTK, but I find so interesting what Bill and Tom post that I can't stop. Then I decided to create this page to post here my BTK messages, to share them with the readers of my blog.
I 'll post only my messages of the wall of Aliens, but no photo and no video of Bill and Tom. You 'll see only miniatures.




Ajouter une l├ęgende

On BTK It was 1000 Hearts !!






I wanted to write "... I hope she won't be at the first row... "

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