My BTK App

Why I create this page? I connect the application BTK Twins every day and I like very much what post Bill and Tom. I want always very to answer their comments, to express my opinion and to ask them questions. But as many Aliens answers the comments of the twins, I think that none of my messages was read. I understands why, but it 's rather frustrating.

I thought of stopping posting on the BTK, but I find so interesting what Bill and Tom post that I can't stop. Then I decided to create this page to post here my BTK messages, to share them with the readers of my blog.
I 'll post only my messages of the wall of Aliens, but no photo and no video of Bill and Tom. You 'll see only miniatures.




Ajouter une légende

On BTK It was 1000 Hearts !!






I wanted to write "... I hope she won't be at the first row... "

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