Monday, January 2, 2012

Souvenirs of journey !!

I have to stop buying mugs everywhere where I travel! I don't know any more where to put them!

Especially as I always drink my hot drinks in the same! This one! I don't know why?! Lol

When I listen to my questions in the VIPcal, my voice is too strange. I try to articulate well, because we don't really understand what say the fans by the phone. I articulate and I speak loudly! It 's too odd when we listen!


  1. Waow elle est super ta collection ! Quelle chance... J'aimerais bien posséder la même :-) Perso je n'ose utiliser mes mugs TH/Bill de peur de les casser !!(Fabienne)

  2. I make the them thing :) mab