Friday, January 13, 2012

Hedi Slimane !!

I tell about Hedi Salimane because Bill said today that he was his favorite designer. What I think about this?
It ‘s so logical! I thus take advantage of this information to explain my passion for Bill Kaulitz, this other one for David Bowie and this passion which I also have for this departed composer who is Mozart.
We can wonder, but what is the common point between these 3 persons? It 's finally rather simple! What I like about these 3 person, it ‘s that they dare to bring new in various domains, in the music, in the style, with the risk of being hated. Whatever of more logical Bill is fascinated by Hedi Salimane.
This 43-year-old designer, who worked with Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Dior since created his own label by daring and renewing the male style! This lover of the black and white and also the big photographer, with a magnificent collection of incredible shoot! New, something ever seen! All that Bill likes and all which fascinates Marie also! When I hear today that Bill likes the style and the work of Hedi Salimane, I 'm reassured. Bill is forever the same complex boy that I love! Here 's photos of Hedi Salimane, More Photo here:

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  1. Très jolies photos. Quel talent ! Mais où est passé Gustav sur la 1ère..? lol !! (Fabienne)