Monday, October 27, 2014

Back in Paris ...

Back in Paris .. I work tomorrow  ... Jetlag .. 
I found the view from my apartment ... with a beautiful sunset tonight .. 

I'll come back to LA .. I do not know when ... maybe with a next professional project ... To be continued ...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Time to go ...

It's time to go ... and I didn't sleep much last night ...

coincidence .. connection .. or what ? ... Strange feeling ..

Late afternoon yesterday, I leave the hotel to take a picture of the Chateau Marmont with a sunset and to buy tortillas for Paul ...
And I took this picture ....

I continue to walk and when I arrive at the Pink Taco, I check Instagram and discovered a picture Bill just posted 2 minutes earlier ..
Then I look at the Pink Taco restaurant, smiling, with the certainty that he was there ..I don't know to explain why .. I didn't know at that time that Pink Taco served frozen strawberry Margarita in fresh pineapple ..
Strange feeling ... so close to him  ... and what can I do ? How far can I go ? I don't know ..
And if Paul was not with me here .. 
another time .. sure
Bill's picture
Bye bye LA ... Not ready to go .. Not ready to leave the city of the Angel ...
See you soon LA ... For sure ..

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last night in LA ...

I posted my postcards ... And go to MCohen shop ... But when M Cohen opens at 11 am, what time it is opened? Not open at 11.30 am ... Finally, I will order online.

And then Venice Beach ..  in the afternoon ..

Here the park in front of my hotel room ... Saturday night on Sunset Boulevard ..
I would have really like eating at Pink Taco tonight, 150 meters from my hotel ....
Without booking, without invitation .. it's difficult for a saturday night ..
It's also difficult to know people we love so close without seeing them.
I would have had to go anyway..
Tomorrow, flight at 4,45pm to Paris ....
I know when the plane will take off, my heart is going to explode and my tears will flow .... leaving the city of my angel ..
I'm not ready to go ...

25 October 2014 - LA

Last full day in LA .. I have a flight to Paris tomorrow at 4,45 pm .... I don't really know what I'll do today .. At first I have to find a post office openned to send my postcards for my dad ... And maybe at MCohen, because I didn't go yesterday ....

Paul was very happy yesterday to see his favorite basket ball team and his favorite player ...
My mission last night ... Chris Paul shooting ...

(I'd rather shoot another person not far ... #dtla .. I miss him so much .. BK )

24 October 2014

not want to post .... All is well!! Alles ist gut!! Tutti va bene!!! Tout va bien !!

just tired !!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greystone Mansion & Park - Griffith Park - Echo Park ...

Greystone Mansion & Park .. Very nice place .. I did not visit last year because there was shooting a movie.

Griffith Park
Museum with a great exhibition about Route 66 ..

Echo Park

And Sunset on Sunset Boulevard from my Hotel room ..
Tomorrow at the end of the morning , Running at Pacific Park .... afternoon at M Cohen design (Thanks to Bill again I discovered this designer of jewerly )
and tomorrow night at Staples Center to see Basket Ball game (LA Clippers - Portland) ..

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

West Hollywood ... Pool time ... and sushi time soon

I ran in the morning to Pacific Park ... Great Park .. But too hot .. I'll run again in this park, next friday morning ..

And lunch on Santa Monica Boulevard ..
Pool time before to go to Katsuya Hollywood .... Sushi tonight ..

Bill posted this picture on instagram today morning ..
Sunrise in this morning  .. I was ready for the same view but for a Sunset yesterday night ..
I love the feeling of being not very far from him..
But I feel so sad to not see him .. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Running , Hollywood .. Beverly .. LA Sunset

I ran this morning in West Hollywood .. I ran on Santa Monica boulevard to Beverly Hills ... But I would like to run in a park ..  Tomorrow morning I'll try to run to Pacific Park ..  I hope it's not too far from my hotel ..  I run between 10 and 11 am .. It's already too hot. ..

I went to Hollywood to shop at Victoria's Secret. ... And to eat a great veggie burger ...
And go to Beverly again .. because Paul likes Beverly or Santa Monica for shopping ..
I prefer downtown and Venice beach ... Paul likes downtown to go to the staples center ..

And a great Sunset from Griffith Obsevatory ... Great view ..


my thoughts ..
" ....
Oooh, you're beautiful
Don't you go
I need you so

  But I'll always be
Invaded by you
Invaded by you

 Lost in the future we had ... "
I miss you ... 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Venice beach ... Santa Monica .. Shopping in Santa Monica

At Venice Beach

Bitburger at Venice .. and vegetarian sandwich

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is ready for Halloween
I love riding with my Mustang .. Good feelings ..

Look what I found in Venice today ...