Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo of the day !!

I have of course many Bill Kaulitz's photos and I post here those which touch me particularly. This photo date from today. Bill took this photo with his mobile and published it on BTK application.
He is really beautiful ! But on this photo, what me touch, it’s the eyes of Bill, this look ! Then I ‘m going to tell here, what I have in my mind when I look at this photo and look at his eyes!

The eyes (the look) is the reflection of the soul.
In this look (in these eyes), I read a big sensibility, a big sensuality, a big generosity, a maturity mixed with a childish naivety, an intellectual wealth, an artistic wealth, a self-assurance mixed with a shyness … Bill is complex! A real paradox! So he 's the perfect man for me, with his qualities and his faults! In any case Bill has really a man's appearance today! But he keep his child's soul.

This man-child perfectionist really touches me very much!


  1. J'adore sa photo et ton "analyse" ! En cas de reconversion... ouvre un cabinet ;-) Bisous. (Fabienne)

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  3. Oui Fabienne! C'est aussi ce que je me disais quand j'écrivais tout cela! Ça fait un peu psychanalyste! Mais bon il n'y a guère que le cas Bill Kaulitz qui m'intéresse! Ça ne va pas faire mon business! Merci Fabi!