Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Finaly in Paris .... Home Sweet Home ...

Thank you Manue for this wonderful photo montage ....

My last picture received today .. Warsaw  .. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

From Hannover ...

The tour is over .. I have a step in Hanover tonight and I go home tomorrow .. Paris

Yesterday night, at M&G , right after the show, I wanted to say so much to the guys of Tokio Hotel .. thank them for these shows .. I had the best holiday with them .. Congratulate them on the show ...Congratulate Bill on his role in the video clip FIA .. say to him he did a so great job ..

But I was almost in tears .. If I had said something .. if I had looked at Bill .. tears would have flowed ...
I just said "Thank you" and I quickly left.

 Before the picture, Georg asked me what was my favorite show .. I answered him "Hamburg" .. This show was realy great in a church .. And Tom said me Hamburg show was also their favorite.

My last picture ... I miss them .. 

See You .. From Paris

Friday, March 27, 2015

From Warsaw ...

I just go back to my hotel from the M & G .... Everything goes down ...  I feel exhausted .. with a big ...  desire to cry ..  I'll get better tomorrow .. It's essential .. I have to go home...
Tomorrow I go to Hanover to have a break .. And Sunday go home .. 

 The new video of Tokio Hotel really touched me. I'll talk another day here about it  .. It is a very good video and Bill is a good actor .. But ... Too exhausted ..
 Here are 2 great pictures of my M & G .. I love .. These guys are so kind ..

Cologne -


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vienna ..... Finally ...

A long way to go to Vienna today ... But Vienna is fabulous .. This city was one of my biggest dreams for a long time .. the city of Mozart ... This city inspires me ..
I'm in a hotel in the city center ... Wonderful ... The decor of my room made me imagine that Mozart will knock at my door in a few minutes ... It's fantastic .. 


My Hotel room

And about the concert of Tokio Hotel in Hamburg last night ..
It was fantastic ... In a church .. The play of lights .. the perfect sound ... The best one for me ..
I was afraid .. In France in the churches, we can only see classical music concerts ..
I saw a Mozart requiem performance in a church "La Madeleine" in Paris 4 years ago
But why not other concerts  .. Rock , Pop ... 

My photos
The Venue in Hamburg for Tokio Hotel concert

Our King of the suburbia was crowned last night in Hamburg .. Bill Kaulitz

This guitar solo of Tom Kaulitz ... I love this moment of the show ..
Take me to church ....

 And this wonderful song .. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From Hamburg ....

It was a Great Day , last night in Berlin .... An amazing show and a so friendly and interesting M & G .... Thank You Tokio Hotel for your kindness and your generosity .... Tonight In Hamburg ...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gifts ready for the guys of Tokio Hotel ...

The Gift bags are ready for each member of Tokio Hotel .. I thought bring them in Berlin tonight .. because I have a M & G after the show ..
 But I rather bring in Hamburg tomorrow because I have a M & G before the show .. It's easier to give them before the show ...  For the guys and the dogs ....

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunny Sunday in Berlin ....

A relaxing day in Berlin ... I walk in the late morning and early afternoon. Very beautiful day in Berlin today..
 Then I go running in Tiergarten. .. I love running in Berlin .. But I don't feel the best for the race. I think I won't be able to run the Paris marathon ... (next 12, April)
I'm not well-trained and I have a pain in the lower back when I run too long .. And right now I don't want to train me ... Music is my priority .. :-) 

 And my 4 bags of gifts are ready for the 4 boys of Tokio Hotel. They'll perform in Berlin tomorrow ..
The gifts are different. I write the name of each boy on his gifts bag.
I hope they'll receive. I have a M & G after the show tomorrow in Berlin. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

In Berlin .... ♥

Finally in Berlin .. For 3 nights .. and a show on 23, March with a Great Day VIP pack .... 

I love Berlin ....

Vegeterian sandwich

From Cologne ... Before to go to Berlin

In Cologne it was a so great show .. with a great atmosphere .. I had a VIP PACK with the M & G before the show .. At the beginning of the concert I was in the third row... Then I quickly moved back on the side..
The German fans were not very friendly .. I don't know if it's because I spoke French at a time with other French fans ..I asked them to keep my place when I went to get me a beer before the concert.

 Many German fans hate the French fans because they accuse of stealing the guys of Tokio Hotel in 2006, 2007.
It's so ridiculous. The important thing is that the boys have an internationnal success .. I think ...
I felt better in the public in Italy with my cousins ..

 Before the end of the show in Cologne, I went to the back of the room ..  There was another German public more friendly ..
 Other than that, I really adored the general atmosphere of this show..

 Go to Berlin today .. I'll stay 3 nights in Berlin ... Tokio Hotel perform tonight in Utrecht , but I don't go there..

My videos - Last night in Cologne 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

From Munich ...

I'm in Munich .... and I go today to Cologne .... I arrived in Munich from Milan yesterday in the afternoon and went to the concert around 16 pm because I had a M & G with the guys of Tokio Hotel before the show. I had no time to update my site and post here .. And too tired after the show... 
I'll stay 2 nights in Cologne .. No concert tonight .. I'll have time to write about the shows in Milano and in Munich ... Just 3 words .. I LOVE ITALIA ... 

I was at the First Row in Milano .. Great show .. with a great atmosphere ..

And my so beautiful selfie ...
Sometimes we would like time stops definitely ..

 And the beautiful road between Milan and Munich ... Yesterday .. 

And the show in Munich last night .... Great .. I love concerts in Germany .. 

Invaded By You

Monday, March 16, 2015

Milano ... ♥

No concert today ... But the wonderful road from Zurich to Milano ... So beautiful ... 

And tonight in Milano in an hotel next to Duomo ... and shops .. great .. But no time for shopping .. 


Vegetarian Pizza and red italian Wine ... (I love italian Wine .. my favorite)

1 night in Zurich ...

Wonderful show ... again .. Here in Zurich, approximately so many people as in the concert of Marseille. Wonderful atmosphere .... 
It's 9:30 am in Zurich.. I am going to put my suitcases in the car and drive quietly towards Milan. No concert tonight ... But tomorrow .. I'll stay 2 nights in Milano ... I love .. Milano is my second home city ..

My photos and videos .... (last night in Zurich) 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

From Zurich ....

I come in Switzerland only for @tokiohotel concert ... 2008, 2010 and today In Zurich ... 

 Tonight another show ... No VIP pack .. 

I received my pictures from Marseille and Paris ... (M & G Tokio Hotel)

Marseille M & G - 09, March 2015
(We don't have to speak when we take a picture Tom .... )

Paris M & G - 11, March 2015

Frankfurt ... 1st show in Germany ♥

I love to see Tokio Hotel perform in Germany. 

There is special something between the German fans and the band. This special something that we feel nowhere else.. This special something which reminds us that it is here that everything began. 

Many fans who don't know the songs of the last album, but who would miss for nothing in the world those who made them dream in 2005, 2006. 
These fans who go wild with joy singing Durch Den Monsun and Rette mich and being lost in admiration at the new show ... Great time in this show ... 
I came late at the venue .. so I was not very well located. But I had a great time ... To Zurich now ... Bye bye  Frankfurt .. 



Friday, March 13, 2015

Great show in Brussels last night ....

I'm in Frankfurt. .. Wonderful show in Brussels Last night. .. No Meet & Greet in Brussels .. 
My next Meet & Greet in Milano ... 

My favorite video I recorded last night ... I love these words ... 


My photos ... 

And the words of the night ...

" ... 
 Your love
Breaking into colors
Touchin' we can't get enough
You're spinning me round, and around

Into the sunrise
Falling away now
Falling away we feel it all
Into the sunrise
Falling away now
Falling away we feel it all
... "

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The REAL Club Experience was at The Trianon In Paris Last Night

OMG .. This show in Paris , at "Le Trianon" in this wonderful venue, was a so wonderful show ... No words to describe how this show was exceptional .. Magic .. An energy .. and a so beautiful complicity between the guys of Tokio Hotel and this public of Paris .... What a beautiful Love Story for several years (since 2006) ... 
 I dont have much time. I have to leave for Brussels, as soon as I get my car from the garage .. A problem occurred yesterday morning ... My mechanic adjusts the problem in priority this morning  ..He had yet to check it two weeks ago . Not sure to be on time at the Brussels show tonight ..

My pictures (My videos soon) ..

 And finaly my selfie with them .. I love .. The next Selfie with them, I move closer to Bill .. I need this photo close to him for my website ... And I need this photo .. That's all ..  I would like a picture between Georg and Gustav too .. The guys are so nice .. And Tom is the boss of the selfie ..

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wonderful day with The Kings and The Queens of Suburbia in Marseille

Lunch on "Le Vieux Port" with a great sunny day ... with the Queens .. 

 Then we found the four Kings in the hall "Le Moulin" for the M & G .. Tokio Hotel before the show ... What a great moment ... again .. 
And what a show !! My videos ... and photos ..

My favorite of the night ... Covered In Gold 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Marseille ...

I arrived in Marseille in late afternoon .. Hotel and dinner at Le Vieux Port  ... Wonderful ..Sunny day ..

Tomorrow ... M&G with Tokio Hotel before the show and .. the wonderful concert .. I can't wait ..

Saturday, March 7, 2015

London was magic ...

What a Great Day I had in London yesterday .. What a wonderful show!! ... so amazing show .. I think I have never seen such a concert. It is exceptional ..
Bill Kaulitz is fantastic .. He is in his world .. He is perfect .. This boy is really unique .. And the other guys are so good ... Great time in London .. And my first Picture with them .. Finaly ..

 I'm still in London. I go back to Paris this afternoon and tomorrow go to Marseille ... For another magic show .. and another Meet & Greet ...

And my videos .... of this exceptional show ... 

See you soon in Marseille .... Monday 09th March 2015 ..

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

David Bowie is ....

Great exhibition about David Bowie at Philarmonie de Paris ... I think I'll go to see it again in April or May .. 

Philarmonie de Paris