Thursday, September 30, 2010

Julie and I in Paris a few years ago. Yesterday!

I liked very much on Sundays mornings in Paris, to take a brunch! Here in Montmartre. My life was complicated at this moment But these memories are good memories. Julie was already little minx!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My favorite live - Pain of love (or Kampf der Liebe) Tokio Hotel

I like this song " Pain of love " of Tokio Hotel. And in live, it's a wonder. Great performance! Bill is simply sublime and Tom's solo, WAHOU ! no comment!! Georg and Gustav are so good too. I filmed 6 times it during the Humanoid tour.
Here 5 of my videos.

Richard David Precht - Who Am I – And If So, How Many?

I have just become reconciled with the philosophy, with this book of the German philosopher David Precht. A bestseller.
In German : "Wer bin ich und wenn ja, vie viele ?"
In English : "Who Am I - And if So, How many ?
In French (I read it in French) : "Qui suis-je et si je suis, Combien ?

Richard David Precht: Taking philosophy mainstream

When someone takes you on such a long intellectual journey with such ease and versatility as Richard David Precht, then it’s an absolute pleasure to accompany him. Not only that, it’s a real achievement that has been rewarded with 700,000 readers in 16 languages. This German bestseller is not exactly based on the stuff you would think dreams are made of: philosophy.

Richard David Precht has written the most successful non-fiction book on philosophy ever published in Germany. The bestseller Who Am I – And If So, How Many? has already been translated into 16 languages and earned much praise from critics.

Precht acts as your travel guide helping you overcome the otherwise unwieldy obstacles presented by Kant, Wittgenstein & Co. as he takes you on his mentally stimulating world trip. He has the gift of presenting philosophy in a popular idiom, served in concise yet substantial portions, and able to satisfy the appetites of readers who don’t happen to spend their professional lives in that proverbial ivory tower, but nevertheless occasionally ask themselves where they really come from, where they’re going and what it all means anyway.

This book is really excellent! Brilliant, funny and impertinent! I would have had this book, when I took my high school diploma (baccalauréat in France), I would maybe have had a better note in philosophy. 8 out of 20 ! Fortunately that I took a scientific high school diploma.
I liked a lot in this book the chapters:
" Have we the right to eat animals? ", " What's the love? ", What's the freedom? "And" What's a happy life? ".
When I read the chapter " have we the right to eat animals? ", I really thought that I would never eat animals. (Neither meat, nor fish). I didn't eat it a lot, but since I don't eat it almost any more. I always thought before the vegetarians exaggerated little with their ideas. Today I don't think any more of it. I think that they are more lucid than the others.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One of my favorite songs. Dream On, Aerosmith

I like very much this song of Aerosmith. The sound of the guitar is really exceptional. This group is great. I would so like to see them in live. I love Steven Tyler on stage! He's so good!

Wrestling in Bercy yesterday evening. I hate wrestling!

I accompanied Paul and his friend Julien in Bercy yesterday evening to see Raw Live. I hate wrestling. But the 2 boys really liked the show. I filmed John Cena for Paul.
When John Cena arrived, I said to Paul: " but it's Gustav!! " Lol

During the break, I managed to have 2 great photos dedicated by John Cena on 20 available at the WWE shop with 100 copies only (Paris Bercy 60000 persons) . The boys said to me: " you are too good" and they were so happy .
32 concerts of Tokio Hotel! That helps! Great experience for the access to the first row.

I in Bercy, I go to see concerts. Not these big idiots! Paul was satisfied, it's the main part!

I hate really wrestling!

Paul prefers the American football today. Fortunately. I 'll take him one day in US to see his favorite team. Colts, Indianapolis.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Theater " Les précieuses ridicules " of Molière - Rock'n Roll Version - Funny

I went to see yesterday evening to the theater, "Les précieuses ridicules" of Molière in a current, sparkling and very Rock'n Roll performance. I felt rather depressed yesterday evening and this show really cheered up me. Very funny! Very well played! I really laughed and I liked.
I am sure that Molière would have liked. In schools in France, we study all Molière in French classes. And we learn that Molière, a reference of the French language (of course) it is very serious. And when we study Molière to the school, it is boring.
But Molière wrote to make people laugh. And this performance reminds it us. Really brilliant.
When you enter in the room, you see a Rocker with his electric guitar. Molière???? and ......

Aktéon théâtre 11, rue du Général Blaise 75011 Paris Lien Aktéon
à 21h30 tous les mercredis et jeudis
Du 8 septembre au 11 novembre 2010
Durée 1h15

Version pétillante et Rock'& Roll d'une pièce classique, la compagnie La Savaneskise présente les Précieuses Ridicules de Molière.
Magdelon et Cathos, influencées par les salons précieux, rejettent leurs prétendus, La Grange et Du Croisy, pour le faux marquis de Mascarille et le faux vicomte de Jodelet.

Compagnie La Savaneskise

Mise en scène Pénélope Lucbert
Avec Ariane Brousse, Régis Bocquet, Marion Lo Monaco, Denis Morin, Edouard Michelon, Justine Paillot, Cédric Révillion, Walter Stawinoga, Damien Vigouroux, et Damien Zanoly

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This evening, body combat in the sporting room, the shower and parents' meeting to Paul's Middle school.

Now, I vote for Tokio Hotel in the MTV EMAS on 2010. They are nominated in the category " Best World Stage Performance ".

My technique to vote a lot. You can vote only 100 times a day on a page of a country.
I open 10 windows on the page Tokio Hotel of a country. I vote on the first one, then refresh the page and I go to the following page and begin again to vote, to refresh...
When I reached 100 votes on the country, I close all the windows and open 10 other windows on the page Tokio Hotel of another country. And I continue to vote...
You can vote 100 times a day on all these links...

You can vote 2600 times a day. Well! READY SET VOTE!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

ill today - at home

I am not really often sick. But I woke up this morning with a migraine, fever, nausea and the sore throat. I gave food to my 3 animals. I brought out my dog and I returned to my bed. Bill, my dog and Tom, my kitten returned to the bed with me. And Tom was so affectionate.
I spent a part of the day in my bed. I just drank a tea and 2 coffees. OK, tomorrow I work. Wird alles gut!!

Why I post this Bill's photo? Because I find him really beautiful on this photo. But also, because when I am in my bed during hours without sleeping, I often think of him and his beautiful eyes.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Richard Bohringer - Au théatre, L'Européen Paris

I went to the theater on Friday evening 18th september, to see the show of Richard Bohringer.

FR - RICHARD BOHRINGER du 09 septembre au 03 octobre 2010 (du jeudi au dimanche) Théâtre - Lecture "Traîne pas trop sous la pluie."...Un voyage.Un voyage au pays de sa mémoire, un move dédié à l’Afrique,aux amis, morts ou vivants, aux femmes, à l’alcool, aux errances.Tel un boxeur sur le ring, l’émotion à fleur de peau,il nous fait voyager de textes en textes,dans cette atmosphère que lui seul sait créer. Du jeudi au samedi 20h 30 et les dimanches à 17 h.

GB - RICHARD BOHRINGER from September 09th till October 03rd, 2010 (from Thursday till Sunday) Theater - Reading " Traîne pas trop sous la pluie "... A journey. A journey in the country of his memory, a move dedicated to Africa, to the friends, deaths or alive, to the women, to the alcohol, to the wanderings. Such a boxer on the boxing ring, the emotion on the surface of skin, he makes us travel from texts to texts, in this atmosphere which only he knows how to create. From Thursday till Saturday, 8p.m. 30 and Sundays at 5 pm.

Marie : "At once funny and moving. Nice exchanges with the public by speaking about the current events (in the way Bohringer), then he plunges into the reading of text, dealing with a subject which marked his life, great well written text, full of poetry, told with a lot of emotion. Then he returns towards the public for the discussion. In short, a real Bohringer from the beginning to the end. He is himself. I liked."

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Juliet Naked - Nick Hornby

I read the stories of the others to forget my story. But this book has me rather to plunge into my own story. How many times in my life, these last years, I thought of what thinks very often Annie in this book.
'Juliet, Naked' by Nick Hornby
September 27, 2009|Carolyn Kellogg, Kellogg is the lead blogger for Jacket Copy, The Times' book blog.

Tucker Crowe, the reclusive singer-songwriter of "Juliet, Naked," inspires a cadre of obsessive fans who parse his every lyric and musical move. He's like Bob Dylan, but not as genius, nor as prolific -- he dropped out of music decades ago, after a devastatingly brilliant heartbreak album. Which would make him more like Richard Thompson. Or maybe . . . .

This is just the kind of music trivia discussion you might expect in a Nick Hornby novel. But while there was a kind of giddy heroism to it in "High Fidelity," it now comes across as a slightly pathetic preoccupation.

That's because here it's seen through the eyes of Annie, thirtysomething and living in Gooleness, an uncool town on the north English coast. Duncan, her longtime partner and a college professor, is a Tucker Crowe fanatic, the leader of an international message board dedicated to the musician. That's just one of the things that's beginning to grate on Annie, who's starting to grow restless inside the safe choices she's made.

"We're here for such a short amount of time," Annie thinks while working at her job at a local museum. ". . . She would waste the next two hours, because she had to, and then she would never waste another second of however much time she had left to her. Unless somehow she ended up . . . doing this job for the rest of her working life, or watching 'EastEnders' on a wet Sunday, or reading anything that wasn't 'King Lear,' or painting her toenails, or taking more than a minute to choose something from a restaurant menu, or . . . . It was hopeless, life, really. It was set up all wrong."

Annie's midlife crisis runs parallel to Tucker Crowe's later one. Despite being notoriously reclusive, he's living relatively openly in small-town Pennsylvania. Tucker, like Annie, worries about lost time -- lost, in his case, to the wilds of bad behavior and its aftermath of self-pity. But he's been clean and together long enough to be a good father to the charming 6-year-old Jackson. If he's only an adequate husband to his youngish wife, he's doing better than his previous marital attempts -- there were many, often with children, rarely ending well.

Tucker has no interest in getting back in the spotlight, but he tends to go with the flow. When a buddy suggests releasing the acoustic demo tapes for his iconic album "Juliet" as "Juliet, Naked" he figures it can't hurt, and it might contribute a few bucks to the household.

Marie :
"This Rock star, removed from the world, for several years, hate his obsessional fans who invent about him any sorts of anecdotes (false). And these rumours which propagate on internet. The only one Annie who sees the Rock star differently is going to catch his attention.

I hate the Star system. I hate it because in every stars, I see only humans being. And when one of these human beings touches you and when the desire to share a part of your life with him obsesses you, you begin hating this inhuman world.
This person you consider him as a simple human being with whom you want to share moments of your life because you feel that it has to happen.
Then you hate newsstands, which you avoid, for fear of seeing the photo of this person that you love, vulgarly look to the public onto a cover of magazine.
This person is so important for you and is an attractive object for the public. You begin hating this public who reads these magazines. You just want to take all these magazines to burn them, so that the image of this person does not appear any more so.
And these difficulties of exchange, which you understand, but which obsess you and which stop you from living. And this sentence which occupy your spirit every day: " I should never have met his glance in 2007! I would never have had to know him "."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Unleashed 2010

Click here to view this photo book larger

Love Unleashed is a world-wide Tokio Hotel fan action for Bill & Tom Kaulitz's 21st birthday, organised by american fans. I participated in this project because I found it great! The fans gave 5000 dollars to the Valley Animal Center in honour of the birthday of Bill and Tom.
Here, the book for the twins. I bought one today.
My name appears in page 8.
My message for Bill and Tom in page 18.
My kitten Tom in page 23, Bill my dog and Tom my kitten in page 16, my cat LOva in page 41, Lova and Tom in page 52, Tom in page 59, and my son Paul with Bill(my dog) and Tom(my kitten) in page 60.
I'm so proud participating in this project. It is a success and a real human adventure.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Come back in the sporting room this evening! I feel better now! I have to go there 3 times a week. It would be good. I am going to try. ........ Mmmhh!
Yesterday evening, first lesson of German with Paul. Funny !!

A: Bist du Corentin ?
B: Ich, Corentin ? Nein! Ich bin nicht Corentin.
A: Wie heißt du ?
B: Ich heiße Paul.
Every night, Bill and Tom in my bed! OUPS!!!

Every morning, Tom comes to lick my chin by purring, before my mobile rings. (ARRRGGG!!!) As soon as my mobile rings, Bill, jealous of Tom jumps on the bed to catch my attention. And as soon as my mobile rings, Lova, who is very hungry, miaow at bottom of my bed.
I like animals. But at this moment, Not Really!!! I want to sleep still a little! BOUUUHH!
(No! It's not a fan fiction! It's a reality!)

Tom is so cute here!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You'll be in my heart - Always

" 'Cause you'll be in my heart
Yes, you'll be in my heart
From this day on
Now and forever more

You'll be in my heart
No matter what they say
You'll be here in my heart, always

.... Why can't they understand
the way we feel
They just don't trust
what they can't explain
I know we're different but,
deep inside us
We're not that different at all ...

...I may not be with you
But you've got to hold on
They'll see in time
I know
We'll show them together ... "
: Phil Collins

"Of course, You'll be in my heart, always
No matter what they say .....
... Don't listen to them ..." : Marie

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week-end at home

Finally a quiet weekend at home. A weekend going back to school. Paul went back to school Thursday, September 2nd to 6th in college. Julie began the final year in high school.
Well! A quiet weekend! Bill went to the groomer! Buy supplies for the school of Paul. I ran this morning in the Bois de Vincennes with Humanoid Live in the ears. I have not found abandoned cat. Well! A weekend of trivialities and it is already the end.
Tomorrow I work and I know I have a busy week. The holidays are over.
I want to organize an outing to Paris for the weekend with friends. It will motivate me! Have a great week!

Bill is so cute ! No ??

Tom, my kitten likes the car! (last weekend)

Tomorrow I work near Opera Garnier! I work near "la place de l'opéra" in Paris! I like this place.