Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March 1st in Copenhagen!

2 years after the recording of this video, I feel always by watching it the same strange feeling! Have I to be happy, have I to cry, have I to leave? I don't know still today! And fortunately I stayed and I continued my crazy tour!
This story is very mysterious, I know. It is written for the moment, with the other stories, in a very private diary! Because today nobody consulted it.
One day maybe, I 'll publish all this, I don't know! In any case not now! This story could be called "the life is so complicated "

(To publish : maybe, but to Win money : Of course NO)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Music - Bush - Last album "The Sea of Memories"

I discovered this album thanks to Bill, who answered me on the call VIP, that the last album which he bought, was the last album of Bush.
I listened to it, I liked a lot in the first listening and I bought. And it 's a real very favorite. I really like a lot.
The musical genre is alternative rock. When I listen to the album, with some songs, I have the feeling to listen to U2 and sometimes Linkin Park. And it 's rather different on the other songs.

I like very much the songs as "The Mirror of The signs" . The sound is really great for this song. I like "The sound of the winter", "All Night Doctors" (I love piano) , Baby Comes home, Stand up, Ghost ...... I think, I love all the songs!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day and night in Paris - Madness

My best friend Nathalie came to spend a few days in Paris! She is a painter and we worked 1 full day for the creation of her blog. We also spent a day in Paris, followed by a night of madness! I really had fun! I forgot a moment all which worries me at the moment! Some photos of this day!

Paris - Montmartre

Marie at the restaurant " Chez Marie " :-)

In the subway !
Happy Hours in a bar near Bastille - At the beginning !!

Happy Hours - at the end.... :-)

Giggle !!!!!

And the night !!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank you guys of Tokio Hotel !

Thank you guys of Tokio Hotel for your answer on VIP Call. I 'm really very satisfied that you answered this question in particular!
And as I have the same musical tastes than Bill, I have just bought Bush's last album! And my god it 's so good! I like very much! Thank you Bill!

My question !

Their answer :

VIPcall TH 17.02.2012 by mariebillk

Friday, February 17, 2012

Good Morning Paris in Starbucks

Every morning, before the work, I spend 30 in 45 minutes in Starbucks of Paris Opéra. This place is so amazing! I 'm alone with my friend, the coffee! And I think! Sometimes I update Bill's biography, sometimes I write in my diary about the person who fascinates me, BK! And sometimes as today, I connect on BTK App with my IPad and I comment! I like this private moment! I need of it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TOKIO HOTEL VIP CALL - Interview for Love

I would like to know with these questions if for love, the guys of Tokio Hotel 'd be able to do something which they don't like to usually.

1) Would you be able to stop smoking for love ?

2) Bill ! For love would you be able to eat a plate full of broccolis ?

3) Georg ! For love would you be able tu cut your hair ?

4) Would you be able to attend Katie Perry's concert for love?

5) Gustav! For love, would you be able to wait for having long hair (like Georg) ?

6) Would you be able to stop the music for love? To stop your job?

7) Bill and Tom! Would you be able to live separtely for the love of another person ?

8) Would you be able to accept some infidelities for love?

I had a special question for Tom, but I didn't want to ask it with VIP CALL, for fear of being censored. Then I ask it here.

9) Tom! For love would you be able to become her sexual slave?

Happy Valentine's day !!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My birthday present!!

My username : "MarieBK" on BTK. I wanted "Marie"! But it was already used.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday today !!!

I worked today. I lunched with my brother who waited for me at about 12 am in front of the building where I work. My brother who lives in Nancy and who works in Metz, manages always to be in Paris the day of my birthday. He's really sweet!
My facebook page updated during the day with the wishes of my friends, from Asia, Europe, US and Canada.

I had to take my Ipad2 this evening in my shop SFR. I ordered it last week. But my shop was closed when I came back from my work. It 'll be for tomorrow. And BTK too .... :-)

And surprise when I came back at home this evening, after a meeting at Paul's middle school. These roses offered by Paul and Julie! So cute!

I still dream about black roses.... A day ... probably ... But I love roses ... !

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sehr kalt heute in Paris! - Zumba at home

It 's too much cold to run outside! I wanted to dance at home!
An Alien dance Zumba and Loca ( Shakira).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My new sports outfit!

It 's really too much cold to go to run to the wood! Today I went to sporting room! 45 minutes on treadmill and 1 hour dancing zumba, with my new T-shirt!! Alien practises sport! I like! Do you like my new tee-shirt ? I made it! The only one!