Friday, September 30, 2011

Liebe ist -- Nur für dich

Marie : "Nur für dich! Liebe!" .

I listen actually to this magnificent song of Nena, in the subway of Paris every day and I dream.

du guckst mich an
und ich geh mit
und der ist ewig dieser augenblick
da scheint die sonne
da lacht das leben
da geht mein herz auf
ich will's dir geben
ich will dich tragen
ich will dich lieben
denn die liebe ist geblieben
hat nicht gefragt
ist einfach da
weglaufen geht nicht
das ist mir klar

du und ich das ist ganz sicher
wie ein schöner tiefer rausch
von der ganz besonderen sorte
und wir haben ein recht darauf
uns immer wieder zu begegnen
immer wieder anzusehen
wenn die große weite welt ruft
werd ich sicher mit dir geh'n

liebe will nicht
liebe kämpft nicht
liebe wird nicht
liebe ist
liebe sucht nicht
liebe fragt nicht
liebe ist so wie du bist

gute nacht mein wunderschöner
und ich möcht mich noch bedanken
was du getan hast
was du gesagt hast
es war ganz sicher nicht leicht für dich
du denkst an mich in voller liebe
und was du siehst geht nur nach vorne
du bist mutig
du bist schlau
und ich werd' immer für dich da sein
das weiß ich ganz genau

du und ich wir sind wie kinder
die sich lieben wie sie sind
die nicht lügen und nicht fragen
wenn es nichts zu fragen gibt
wir sind zwei und wir sind eins
und wir sehn die dinge klar
und wenn einer von uns gehen muss
sind wir trotzdem immer da

wir sind da, wir sind da, wir sind da
wir sind da, wir sind da, wir sind da

liebe will nicht
liebe kämpft nicht
liebe wird nicht
liebe ist
liebe sucht nicht
liebe fragt nicht
liebe fühlt sich an wie du bist

liebe soll nicht
liebe kämpft nicht
liebe wird nicht
liebe ist
liebe sucht nicht
liebe fragt nicht
liebe ist so wie du bist

so wie du bist
so wie du bist
liebe ist so wie du bist
liebe so wie du bist
liebe ist so wie du bist
liebe ist so wie du bist
liebe so wie du bist
liebe ist so wie du bist
so wie du bist
so wie du bist

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I hate internet

I hate internet and nevertheless I connect there every day. And I can't live without internet today.
I hate Facebook and the pseudonyms of the accounts. You never know to whom you speak.
I hate internet and I have a training of network engineer. Paradoxical!
In fact what I do not like it 's the persons who hide on internet behind pseudos and who feel strong.
Some feel so strong that they harass the others to try to trap them by organizing a direction with several accounts facebook.
And when you say to these accounts facebook that you wish to meet them to work with them because you don't work otherwise, the accounts disappear.
I 'm not vulnerable, but many persons are vulnerable. I find it 's very saddening.
I have just lived it! So I hate internet!
At the same time internet 's the only means which I found to be close to persons who I love and who are far!

Message for Aliens: I love you Aliens and I want to stay among you. I love you because you so gave me! The rest has no importance!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Scheiße, Scheiße, Scheiße und noch Scheiße

This has nothing to do with the sale of my house.
The Fans of Tokio Hotel forget me! I manage my site since 2007 as I want. I collaborate with the persons whom I want and whom I feel positive for Bill and the band.
I don't really any more want to belong to this fans' world. Sorry, but I needed to say it this evening. Tomorrow all 'll be better! As usual!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My house on sale!

My house is officially for sale today. It 's strange. It 's for sale on internet. HERE

We can see in my bedroom, on the wall, a photo dedicated by Bill Kaulitz. This photo moves with me of course, it 's not for sale.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Very busy and annoyed Alien!

I am very busy with the sale of my house and the search for apartment.. My house is officially for sale on Saturday and I already have a first visit on Saturday. This house is going to be quickly sold. And I still have no apartment. I visited 2. I visit 2 others on Saturday. I look for F4 with 3 bedrooms. I want a big bedroom for me, because I want to install my piano there to be finally able to replay there quietly. I hope that I am soon going to find!
Why annoyed Alien ? Certains fans wish to collaborate with my site for projects. And very mainly because I update the page of Tokio Hotel on Goomradio. My site is partner of Goomradio since the creation of Tokio Hotel Radio (in 2009).
I am not against collaborations with fans' projects. Moreover I am affiliate with numerous foreign TH sites. But when the projects are built around fans' rivalry, I prefer to refuse. And I hate when certain fans try to trap me to reach their end. I 'm not going to tell what took place, that has no importance. But I am very disappointed one more time by the behavior of the fans of TH. I 'm just going to stop believing that I can have my place among them. The projects 'll make just with the persons of my forum whom I totally trust. For the rest, I ll be alone, wandering Alien. I prefer!
First of all,, I 'm a fan of Bill Kaulitz before of being an Alien. I 'll always be fan of Bill Kaulitz, I don't know if I 'll remain an Alien. In any case, I 'll remain a fan in the shadow.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Bill gets a new look very often and when the fans wait for my opinion about the new look of Bill, I always have many difficulties expressing my opinion. And often I say that I like. What it's true! The fans then say to me that I 'm blinded with my passion and that I accept all from Bill. Yes it 's likely.
In fact my passion for Bill is really beyond his look. His various looks are always perfects. He has class.
Whatever the look, it's perfect. He never makes fault. And I like that. And whatever the look, his eyes expresse the same thing, something special! Something that I love above all! Something I 've never seen with another person! Something which fascinates me! Something unique! Something that I 'll never forget! And this something, I don't know how to explain it!
I don't really know why I love him! I love him simply! I don't know why!

His look changes, but his gaze never changes!! And what his eyes expresses never change!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Das Wochenende endlich !

Very good news today: MTV announces the release of the new album of Tokio Hotel in spring, 2012. I am very happy!
Technical problem on the host of my site : I can't update the site since the beginning of September. I 'm very irritated, especially because I pay this host. I was not able to talk about Gustav's birthday and about the new look of Bill, on Bill's site! I'm so irritated.
But the news are updated on my other sites:
I put on sale my house tomorrow and I need to find an apartment to buy. I 'm going to be very busy in the following weeks. At present it 's easier to sell than to buy a property. To follow...
My hairdresser is on vacation. I want he comes back. I found a new haircut, more rock. I like.
An anonymous person asked me on my blog why I wear the short hair? Simply because that looks like me..It 's my male side, a little developed .
I am heterosexual. But I like refined men. I like stylish men, those who take care of their look. That eliminates many guys.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My beautiful passion

New look for Bill! Again! I like that. I like that he always surprises! I think that he became so manly, so virile! I think he 's so sexy and so attractive!

I like seeing him on these photos, but I so miss him. I so want to see him really that these photos, even if I have pleasure to look at them, they hurt me.
I want to sing Nena tonight! I want to sing this song!
Es tut mir weh, wenn ich dich seh
Weil ich das, was du sagen willst,gar nicht versteh
Und ich kann nicht denken und ich kann nichts tun
Ich will dich vergessen, ohne Liebe bin ich nichts
Und wenn der Tag sich endlos neigt
Auch wenn es nie mehr wieder kommt, weiß ich es bleibt
Wenn ich bei dir nicht schlafen kann
Dann komm ich trotzdem immer wieder bei uns an
Ich will wieder schlafen und auch wieder essen
Wie gerne wär ich wieder bei dir
Wir wissen beide ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
Und was ich weiß ist ohne Liebe bin ich nichts
..... "

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sad birthday

Today we celebrate a very sad birthday. But we think all of New York!

Julie in New York in April, 2000. She didn't understand in this time why she walked so to take this photo. Today this photo is so special for everybody.
I remember this day, on September 11th, 2001. I worked in the 15th floor of a tower of La Defense in Paris ( the most important European business center). At the end of the day, we were all anxious to see appearing planes in the sky of La Defense. But no, America was only bruised that day. I 'll never forget these pictures. Never!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why ?

Our current world is so developed that we can feel close to persons whom we want with a lot of easiness. Internet, telephone. And then less 1 day we can go all around the world (11 hours for Tokyo and L.A., 8 hours for NY, 9 hours for Peking, 12 hours for Rio, 14 hours for Singapore … from Paris. And nevertheless I can't be by the side of the only person with whom I want to be. The life is sometimes very complicated. I would just like to understand … Why?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Memories of Asia

Here are 2 memory videos of my journeys in Asia last year, with Aliens of Asia.

In the first video, Julie and I spent the afternoon with japanese fans (fan of Tokio Hotel) to Shibuya. Julie teaches the French language to the girls. I like very much watching again this moment. The Japanese girls were really very welcoming and very respectful. It is Japan! I miss these girls very much!

In the second video, Julie and I were in Singapore with a fan of Hong-Kong. We looked for the special version of Humanoid album, containing a ticket to can attend the signing session. The taxi driver wanted to show us Singapore and to take us at Mustapha (??). But we, Aliens, just wanted to find our special editions albums. Funny memory!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Today - Come back from my work

I have a lot of work at the moment. I have many days off to be taken (20 days before December, 2011). I didn't have journey for Tokio Hotel this year. 1 week in December, 2011 to see Nena in Germany!
I 'm now going to take care of the sale of my house and of the purchase of an apartment.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


It 's really amazing if we concentrate on the eyes! Really twins!!! And very beautiful twins!