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Monday, August 27, 2012

Rock En Seine - Green Day

Rock En Seine Festival is truly extraordinary. Only Rock! 4 stages ! I went with my friend Manue I knew with my site (, so thanks to Bill!  Very good time!! Thank you Manue!!

I liked the group "Social Distortion" !

And Green Day! Really amazing! Billie is completely crazy, but so good.

Tré Cool !?  Hey Aliens! I wonder if one day Gustav could come on stage like that.  
With a bet, I think he can do it!

My favorite new song of Green Day  !! Oh Love !!


My favorite song of Green Day !! Boulevard of Broken Dreams !

 I have another video which is being loaded on youtube, about the madness of Green Day on stage. 
Tomorrow !!


The concert of Green Day was incredible! But I so want to see Tokio Hotel on stage. I miss the guys of Tokio Hotel more and more!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

26th August - Rock En Seine

I'm going to the festival Rock en Seine. The sun is planned! Green Day too!! GREAT !!

Friday, August 24, 2012

♥ ♥ Bill ♥ ♥

I wonder how I could a day, stop thinking about him! This passion 'll make me suffer for a long time!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The mystery of the universe !!

I've always been fascinated by the stars, by the mystery of the universe and the birth of the earth. This video is really well done.


But the world was born one day! Does it have to disappear another day? But when ?
This is so scary !!


 If this have to happen, I want to be by your side!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hot Weekend at Home

38 ° C in the shade this weekend in Paris. Very hot! 
I was alone this weekend with my animals. My children are on vacation in Korea. 
I went on Saturday in a garden center. I wanted a big pot for my rosebush. I like the garden centers. 

 Which one I chose ... !!

Cute and funny ..!

 Dog Toys ! I like very much!!

It's OK ! I have what I wanted !! Back home!

My residence, called "Little Italy" look this weekend really like Italy with this heat.

Tom is trying to get freshness!!

 My poor Lova !! A Siberian cat with 38 ° C! 
Lova : "Luckily my mom splashes me with water!"

 I ran this morning in the woods with Humanoid in my ears. I lost at least 3 liters of water, but I 'm surprised because I was able to run 1 hour. I 'm proud of myself with this heat.
Tomorrow Work . I can't wait for my vacation. Soon California!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

BUSH Concert - Hamburg

This concert was really great! I had a great time. Bush guys are really amazing on stage. Especially Gavin Rossdale . I met wonderful people at this concert, all music lovers. I spoke a language, mixed with German and English. It was funny .


The final song!


 Thank you Bill! Once again, thanks to you I discovered great artists
We really like the same music!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Durch Den Monsun - B-Day

Durch Den Monsun is 7 years today. TOKIO HOTEL too. And the fans are always present and 're waiting for the next album.
And so the gossips, Tokio Hotel is still there and 'll release a new album soon for the joy of the Aliens!!!




For my 2 videos of Bush concert, tomorrow. Not today, the Durch Den Monsun Day. 
The videos are uploaded on my channel .  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Hamburg - Shopping and Bush Concert

Sunny day in Hamburg Today !! Shopping in the day and I just came back from the Bush concert at Große Freiheit 36​​. This concert was really great! They are so good on stage !! I recorded 2 videos I 'll upload on youtube tomorrow at home with a better internet connexion. 

Hamburg 13, August 2012 - Sunny day

Hamburg - Rathaus - 13, August 2012
Shopping break

Shopping fertig !!!
My favorite purchase of the day! J'adore !!

 And this amazing Concert !!!!!! Tomorrow I 'll post 2 videos of the show !!

Bush Concert - Hamburg 13, August 2012

Oh I think I forgot to eat! Oops! Too late! Tomorrow!  GUTE NACHT !!!

 " ...Mind strong, Body strong  
Try to find equilibrium  
Head straight, screwed on  
Been screwed up for too long  ... "

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Goodbye Berlin! Hello Hamburg!

I finished that day in Berlin with the visits to 2 museums and a walk in the beautiful gardens of Charlottenburg Palace! Wonderful! With a nice sunny day in Berlin!!


A collection of over 750 instruments, with lots of keyboards! I really liked.

Theodor Stöcker - Berlin - 1860

Spieldose für Loschcheiben - Leipzig - 1900

 (At this time no problem of illegal downloading! Not easy! :-)  )

Bubenreuth 1970 - Booneville (Arkansas) 1878 - Gibson ES 350 Kalamazzo(Michigan) 1948
I don't need to worry any more I didn't find the guitars of Tom Kaulitz at the museum. :-) 
Soon a new album!!

Schloss Charlottenburg 
  Built by Elector Friederich III in 1699 as a summer palace for his wife Sophie Charlotte, this regal estate, the largest palace in Berlin, is framed by a baroque-style garden. Inside, a collection of 18th century French paintings is the largest of its kind outside France. Visitors can see the Old Palace, with its baroque rooms, royal apartments, Chinese and Japanese porcelain collections and silverware chambers, as well as the New Wing, with its rococo splendor and fine furniture, added by Friederich the Great. 

 Sunset in Hamburg!

Gute Nacht !!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Berlin - Museum Tag

Beautiful day in Berlin! With the sun! Today I visited art museums. 3 museums! Hamburger Bahnof , Gemäldegalerie and Neue Nationalgalerie. I wanted to visite 2 others, but not enough time. Maybe tomorrow before to go to Hamburg!

 Hamburger Bahnof Museum

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol
I enjoyed the exhibition of Morton Bartlett "Secret Universe". I bought a book about this artist.
Morton Bartlett (Boston, 1909-1992) was an American freelance photographer and graphic designer who, from 1936 to 1963, devoted much of his spare time to creating and photographing a series of intricately-carved life-like plaster dolls. He never formally exhibited his work, though a small circle of friends and acquaintances was aware of its existence.
Morton Bartlett


This museum presents classic paintings. I like less, but the collection is beautiful!! The biggest in Germany!

Adriaen Backer - 1635 - Amsterdam

Neue Nationalgalerie

 I really enjoyed this museum. The current exhibition is called "Der geteilte Himmel" . Great! 

Helmut Sturm - Paar - 1932

 I was very attracted to this portrait! I had the feeling to know this expression! When I read the title , I understand why !!

Max Lingner - Leipzig - 1888 - Die Verliebte

And me !  Not yet in a museum! :-) Just in the toilet of the museum!


Friday, August 10, 2012

Berlin - Kirchen Tag

I arrived this morning in Berlin! This is my best friend for 5 days!

 I visited churches today! I wanted to go into the churches!

(Marienkirche , Berliner Dom, Nikolaikirche, and others )

Angel in Marienkirche

Cross on Berliner Dom

 The organs of Berliner Dom! Great !


Spree - Berlin
It was a day of meditation. I like the churches for that . Really .
 But it didn't last! Suddenly I was thirsty!! :-)


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

David Bowie - Helden

Helden, German version of Heroes  !! Wunderschön !!


 I like very much this video about the David Bowie Berlin Years !!
This video is about David Bowie and his Berlin years from 1977 to 1979. Paintings are from the Brucke Museum in Berlin including the famous painting "Poppies" by Emil Nolde. This museum was often visited by David and Iggy Pop.

Soon a weekend in Berlin! I have a flight on Friday! 4 days in Germany! Great !!
I have too much work at the moment! (10 hours a day)
I really need holidays!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bush : D-8

Soon the Bush concert in Germany! I really need to share with people who love the artists for their music! I can't wait for this concert !!! 


Aliens !

I don’t understand very well why certain Aliens ask me today to stop pretending to be Private Ria. Obviously I don’t hide behind a twitter count with an identity which does not belong to me. My twitter count is called Marie Bello ( bill_kaulitz_fr ), as my real name and as my site.

I created in 2007 and in 2008. I collaborate with Goomradio since the creation of the Radio of Tokio Hotel and I update the blog of the Radio. I also collaborate with Star Planete and I inform them with news about Bill Kaulitz and Tokio Hotel. Star Planete entrusted to me the awards of twins while waiting for their comeback.

The person who hides behind the twitter Private Ria used my photos of Bill's awards that I published here on my blog. My dog was on the photo. It ‘s one of my friends who alerted me.
I asked this twitter count as friend. The person accepted me. I asked for explanations about the publication of my photos with her own logo. I never had answer and I was blocked by this twitter count.

What worries me a lot, it ‘s the number of persons who follow this false twitter count and who think of following the real person. It ‘s really disturbing.

Beware Aliens, all the counts Facebook, twitter pretending to be Bill, Tom, Ria, Andrea, Gordon..  are false. The real counts if they exist, are not called Bill, Tom …..  of course.

The truth about twins and about Tokio Hotel comes from BTK Twins or,  from the official sites, from the official pages …

The leitmotiv of my site since 2007 : 
« Everything which is not said by Bill, Tom, Georg or Gustav is only rumour! Let us respect them! »

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Memories - Singfest - Singapore - 2 years ago

August 04, 2010, I was in Singapore to attend the festival because Signfest Tokio Hotel performed. I've never been so hot in a concert and yet it was evening and outside. 35 ° C and 80% of humidity! Mmmhh Very very hot!
I watched morning today the videos of this performance of Tokio Hotel I recorded. It was so great! First row! The guys were really very good despite the heat!! 

I have on my YouTube channel more than 100 videos of Tokio Hotel live. And this one, the song Screamin in Singfest of Singapore is one of my favorites videos . 
 I find that the guys are totally in their show. They give evrything they have. They want to perform for the public. And nevertheless it was so hot. There is such an energy in this live  
I really love them!! I like their generosity and their kindness! I so miss them!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Need to escape

My next vacation in California are planned in September. It 's in a long time! I'll go soon to Berlin, August 9 for a great weekend! I 'll attend the Aug. 13 Bush concert in Hamburg !
 I really need to get away and change my mind! I have a lot of work right now

Weekend in Berlin!! I love Berlin !!