Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mother's day today

Good mother's day to all the moms!

My Julie's present! I like the roses! So sweet my Julie!

Lova likes roses too!

My cute dog!

The rose is my favorite flower. I dream to have a day black roses! I don't know if it exists! But I would so like a bunch of white and black roses!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Week-end at home

I washed the walls of my bedroom. And the next weekend, I paint! My cat, Lova is all the time in front of me! It is a real pot of glue! Paul went to the hairdresser. I like very much his haircup, very British!

A rather ordinary weekend, but a weekend as I like, at home, with Paul and Julie, Bill and Lova. (Bill my dog!!!).

I have just recruited a new assistant to look after fishes. I am not sure that this assistant is suitable for! Bad or good casting???

Somebody knows, how long can live a goldfish. I have them since June, 2003. Paul fished a small fish in the school party, then we went to buy two friends for his fish. They are always there in 2010. I think that they are too well looked after. It is me who look after them and Lova, now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Come back from my big weekend (Düsseldorf and Liège)

I have just come back from my weekend. I went to Düsseldorf in Germany on Friday morning. In the evening, I attended the ceremony of Viva Comets on 2010 to Oberhausen. I wanted to be there to support and see my favorite group.
I did not really know the other nominated and present German artists. I was so happy to see 4 boys. They so missed me. I nevertheless attended 15 of their concerts this year.
Well, the twins miss me a lot and one of 2 twins misses me terribly.
They won the comet in the category "Best Live Act". I was really satisfied, because I voted every day for them. Here is a photo of their victory.

Bill's photo on the pink carpet. Just magnificent! This boy is really talented to get dressed! "No dissonance"! "No dissonance" everywhere moreover!

And this video that I filmed during the ceremony!! I like this video! I love them so much these twins. I like their complicity. Bill has a big room in my heart! But Tom is so sweet and so attractive. I find that Tom has a magnificent smile.

I left Düsseldorf on Saturday in the afternoon, with difficulty. But I have join a small village in the South of Liège to find Nathalie, my best friend (my ex- sister in law) whom I had not seen for more than a year. Our reunion was very moving. I say me today, she missed me. Nathalie left France to live the love in Belgium. (What a great idea)
Nathalie knows everything of me, secrets which I need to share with somebody, somebody who listens to, who advises but does not judge and somebody who understands. I trust her. And I know everything of her. Nathalie and Alain made me discover a local Belgian beer " La Chouffe ". Very good, but (8 ° in alcohol). OUps !!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My dog back home today

It is lying at once on my bed. It has a lot of difficulty walking. It has to keep his bandages during 20 days. But it is peaceful and is reassured to be at home. I'm so happy . It's at home.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ELLE Décoration - Mai 2010

I discovered the magazine "ELLE DECORATION " of May, 2010 at my hairdresser on Friday. This number really interests me. I bought it by going out of my Italian hairdresser.

An article with Jean-Paul Gauthier. I am fascinated by this person. I don’t like everything in his collections, but I like very much the man. I would so like to meet him one day!

I am in full housekeeping in my house at this moment. I have a lot of decorating ideas. I very want a black & white bathroom. Some ideas in this magazine. I like very much the black and white tiles. I think about my future bathroom.

I like this room and the bathroom ( The American dream). To me, I don't know too much. I need to personalize my environment to feel me good in my home! But for a small romantic weekend why not. But what lover? I have an idea but ..... .

Friday, May 14, 2010

My poor little Bill in Clinic

I visited my dog today with Julie and Paul. It was so happy. It had not eaten since Tuesday. With us there, it devoured its dog food. It stands on its legs. It recovers fast. GENIAL. But it cried when we left. Poor Baby!

Its friend of room !

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My dog Bill in the veterinary clinic for 1 week

I accompanied my dog this morning to the veterinary clinic. It was operated this morning on 2 rear paws for a problem of kneecap. The operation took place well. The veterinarian called me in the afternoon to reassure me that everything was well. It will leave the clinic in a 1 week. We can visit it every day from tomorrow.
It was hard this morning for me to leave my dog.

My story with this small dog which I called Bill.

In the beginning of January, 2009, I promised to my children a cat. One Saturday of January, we visited some store of animals in Paris. We finished the evening by the store Animalis in the village of Bercy. No cat on sale. We then looked at puppies. In a cage, There were 2 youngs blacks Yorkshire and 1 Spitz. I was fascinated at once by the small male Yorkshire, which played with a small red ball. It jumped on the spot, it moved all the time and I found it so cute. I said then to my daughter: " if I had this small dog, I would call it Bill! ". It had a lot of energy this small dog and probably that at this moment, another Bill missed me far too much. Then we return at home.
To summarize this story, the small York, called Bill was in my house a few days later. An incredible very favorite. As soon as I took it in my arms in the store next Monday, I knew that I would not leave it any more.

AND this evening this small dog misses me terribly! 1 week, it’s short. I hope and I hope that it does not suffer too much.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My dog & my cat like cheese (Vache qui rit)

My dog, Bill and my cat, Lova eat cheese! They like that!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

These eyes - so beautiful and so expressive


This look fascinates me! There are so many things behind these eyes! So many meanings! These eyes disturb me! I like what they express! Listen to Peter Gabriel and look at these eyes! Loot at his eyes!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

One of my dreams: this dog

This dog, the Dalmatian! A dream since I was small. Probably because of the movie of Disney. I don't want 101, but just 1 with ears blacks! I know that I'll have it one day!

There are several things about which I dream today. I know that certain dreams will come true one day because I believe in those who are in these dreams. The life is difficult! It's not enough to wish to be with a person to be really with this person, even if this person wishes to be with you too. Oups ! I'm tired this evening! Kiss all!