Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy mother's day Mom!

"I wanted this day of Mother's Day Mom to tell you how much I love you. I know I have not always done what you 'd have liked that I did. I always followed my cravings and I know you didn't often agree. And nevertheless you always stayed behind me and you always supported me. I phoned you even every day 3 years ago. I spoke to you about everything and you never judged, even if you did not agree. You always knew what to say to me so that I feel better. And today, there is this disease which takes you in a strange world where we are not. Why? The life is really unfair. I miss you so. In any case I 'll always be there for you, as you have been for us. I love you Mom. "

I would have liked saying this to my Mom today. I just said her " Bonne fête Maman". Then I write this on my blog. I don't know why.

MY Mom and me! (Yes, I'm the big Baby with big eyes! It's me!)
My son Paul recited me this morning a poem in German! So cute!

"Ich freue mich, wenn ich dich seh', ich finde dich so nett, ich schenke dir mein H und E mein R und auch mein Z." Frantz Wittkamp

A mom is so important for everybody!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Come back from Germany - Comet 2011

I'm really bored during the ceremony of Comet Oberhausen. The performances, raps and boys band. The rock doesn't exist any more in Germany. The new German madness, Black Pony. Without me guys!
Fortunately Nena saved the show, but at the end. Nena received a platin comet, then she performed. I really like very much this woman. My 2 videos of Nena! Nena's daughter gave her the comet! Great!!

I like driving in Germany! The speed on highways is not limited. I like driving fast on highways. In France it's not possible any more. But I am careful. I master my car. I like the speed.
I would really like a day to drive a sportscar (as a ferrari) to feel the sensations. Hey but it's a boys' dream, that! Yes but I'm fed up to dream about the prince charming who doesn't come. Maybe that he is going to come with a ferrari. Just Lol!! I'm going to go to bed! It's better!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tomorrow departure for Oberhausen-Comet 2011

I leave tomorrow morning very early for Germany with my car, with Julie and my dog. I go first of all to Düsseldorf where I have my hotel, then Oberhausen for the ceremony of Comet on 2011 (Without my favorite Rockers! Traurig!))
My suitcase isn't still ready and I have to prepare the belongings of my dog which will stay in the hotel during the ceremony.
I am happy this evening, because for several weeks I ask Aliens to vote for Bill Kaulitz in a competition so that is elected the star of the summer, 2011. The competition stopped this evening and Bill won. He won promo on this site for summer 2011!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strange experience today

I never talk about my private life with my working colleagues, or very rarely. And today, I was in a meeting with a colleague to work on a precise subject. At the end of our meeting, she stops moving then say to me : " you went in Asia recently? ". I say: " yes! last year! " And she answers me: " you saw in Asia a person who 's very important to you and you think very much of this person".
Then she apologized, saying she felt the energies in some people and could sometimes read people's thoughts. And at this moment my thoughts were so strong. She read my thoughts.
I don't believe easily to divination. But at this moment I was really surprised with what she said. She doesn't know anything about me. And all she said was true. I just told her : "It's possible, but I don't want to talk about that!"

Friday, May 20, 2011


" .... Irgendwann laufen wir zusammen..." May 19th, 2008

" ... Hier drinnen …. Ist niemals richtig Tag
Das Licht kommt …. Aus der Minibar
Und morgen wirds hier … auch nicht hell
Willkommen im Hotel ... " May 19th, 2008

".. I just came here to say you ... " August 9th, 2008

" ...Turn around
I am here …. Turn around
Doesn‘t count … Far or near ... " August 9th, 2008

" ... In your shadow, I can shine ..." Februar 22nd, 2010 - March 1st, 2010, March 07th, 2010

"... I know your scare ...." March 3, 2010

"... And we go on, and we go on
And on, and on, and on ..." March 3, 2010

"... We'll celebrate the pain together .." March 3, 2010

" ... Whisper me
All your secrets
Whisper me
All my secrets ... " March 07th, 2010, March 28th, 2010

"... I am physically, mentally
Over obsessed with you ... " March 4th, 2010

For some people, these sentences are only words!
For others they are words of songs!
For me, these sentences mean a lot!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

There is no happy love

Text in french : Louis Aragon

Man never truly possesses anything
Neither his strength, nor his weakness, nor his heart
And when he opens his arms
His shadow is that of a cross
And when he tries to embrace happiness
He crushes it
His life is a strange and painful divorce
There is no happy love

His life resembles those soulless soldiers
Who have been groomed for a different fate
Why should they rise in the morning
When nighttime finds them disarmed, uncertain
Say these words and hold back your tears
There is no happy love

My beautiful love, my dear love, my torn heart
I carry you in me like a wounded bird

Those who unknowingly watch us walk by
Repeat after me my words and sigh
They have already died in your bright eyes
There is no happy love

By the time we learn to live
It's already too late
Our hearts cry in unison at night
It takes many a misfortune for the simplest song
Many regrets to pay for a thrill
Many a tear for a guitar's melody
There is no happy love


Another Louis Aragon's magnificent text. A song arose from this text. Geoges Brassens, Françoise Hardy, Barbara interpreted it.
But here is the Barbara's interpretation

Monday, May 16, 2011

Purchase of 2 DVD - 2 movies which I like very much

I wanted to buy to myself DVD today. I am lucky to work in Paris Opéra. With a store Virgin next to my office. I bought these 2 movies which I didn't still have, but which I like.

"The Lover" in english : In 1929 French Indochina, a French teenage girl embarks on a reckless and forbidden romance with a wealthy, older Chinese man, each knowing that knowledge of their affair will bring drastic consequences to each other. Very beautiful pictures and great atmosphere. I like the book too (of Marguerite Duras).

Story of a man who is caught smuggling drugs out of Turkey and thrown into prison. Very great movie with very good music!! I like it! And I watched it several times.

With the music of Giorgio Moroder!! ♫ Chase

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eagles - Hotel California

This song! This band! What memories! I still know the words by heart! Too much emotion!

Trauma in my childhood! LOL

Here is one of the cartoons which I watched at TV when I was a child. That frightens! How can we evolve normally after that? What a progress!! I also wonder how I became a fan of Tokio Hotel after that? Doctor Freud!! Help me! Chapi Chapo, the twins maybe!!! Chapi Chapo, Gunter und Gregor vielleicht! Ich weiß nicht!
Why my parents let me watch this stupid cartoon! It 's true that I let Paul watch Teletubbies. It 's even more stupid.
"Chapi, chapo, Chapi, Chapi, Chapo , Chapo ...... "

Friday, May 13, 2011

I finally received my TH for Japan buttons (2nd post)

I finally received my TH for Japan buttons Wednesday, May 11th. My first comment was deleted. ?????? I also received 2 TH T-shirt which I like very much.

I 'll not be in Russia on June 3rd! I can't. I can't either go to Tokyo on June 25th.
I 'll be on the other hand to Oberhausen for Comet 2011 on May 27th.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Quiet weekend at the house!

And that frightens me all this! I have to move. When Tokio Hotel is in studio, I hibernate. And then that suits me I so have to make on my site
It was a great summer weather in Paris this weekend.
Saturday Zumba of course. I like very much this song for Zumba. The international hymn of Zumba in 2011. An international choreography. I let off stream with this song. I promises you to post one day a video where I dance Zumba.

I live in Nogent sur Marne at 10 km from Paris. This city has an incredible market every Saturday, 100 meters away from my house. I went this weekend there to buy flowers (gerania). And I found these tops (4 Euro the top).

And Humanoid jogging, of course today !!!! Great weather for that in "Le bois de Vincennes".

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Won't Say I'm In Love

One day you cross his glance. This happens while you expect it in no way. And suddenly your life has sense only with him, even if you don't want it. You can make nothing. Your heart decided. And everything becomes difficult. You don't want to love him. But you cannot resist.
For me, it was in March 20th, 2007 in Paris. I remember the sentence whom I said in my mind this day there: " Nothing will be as before now! " This is still true today for me!
I like this scene of Hercule's cartoon which illustrates what I have just said.

I like cartoons. I remained very a child for many things. And I like that.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The end of the week-end

A quiet weekend at home with my son Paul and my 3 pets. Julie was at a Kpop gathering in Paris . Korean pop I don't like.
I ran this morning in the woods, jogging Humanoid. I started tired but I still ran from "Noise"to "forever now". Private concert in the Bois de Vincennes.
My shooting after jogging!! (No make-up! Of course!)

Now I'm going for a walk with Bill! And then I want to watch a DVD with Bill in my bed.
(Bill is my dog)

I'll watch "Dangerous Liaisons".
Finally I would prefer to live this dangerous liaison rather than nothing at all to live .
Imagine my life without this liaison is really unbearable for me.