Saturday, March 31, 2012

Theater : Les Liaisons Dangereuses by John Malkovich

I went to the theater yesterday evening to Paris. I didn't want to go there. I didn't find my usual dynamism. I was in the subway at about 6 pm. During the route I listened to "Totgeliebt", the only song which I wanted to hear.
I found a friend at 7 pm in front of the Theater "Théâtre de L'Atelier". We had a drink before the performance.
I saw " Les liaisons dangeureuses (Dangerous Liaisons) " directed by John Malkovich. A performance which lasted 2 hours 40 minutes!
A modern adaptation! An incredible direction! A great work! Excellent actors! And actors who had pleasure to play. I saw a lot of play lately.  And this one is the best that I was able to see. 
Congratulations Mister Malkovich!

Here is a  video of the first performance!


I like very much this video about the comedians! We can feel this magnificent atmosphere.


When I listened to Totgeliebt, I wondered if finally this song had not been written for me. In any case, this love 'll kill me. I won't come back from this love, unhurt if I manage to come back one day!
 Unhurt ? It 's impossible!
Ensemble nous avons le pouvoir
de faire reculer le SIDA

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dentist - Notary - Vacation

Sunny day at Paris, just before going into the office of a dentist,  specialized in the installation of implant. It was on Monday, 26 March. 1 hour on the seat of this dentist for a transplant of bone and installation of implant.

I doesn't understand how these persons make to practice this job. My grandfather was an artisan joiner and I remember that in his workshop there was the same noise as at this dentist. In the exception that yesterday this noise resounded in my head.

Naturally yesterday evening it was not the great form. I had to go more this morning to Paris to a notary to sign a sales agreement for the sale of my house.

I would have had to be satisfied with it and nevertheless I don’t know why, I very badly slept and as soon as I woke up I cried. I think that this operation weakened me and that I don’t feel any more enough strong to bear only what I have to manage at the moment. Fortunately I have this week of vacation.
During the night, while I cried with big sobs, my little Bill raised the head, the 2 ears and looked at me with his small soft eyes. He came then to lie down next to me. That calmed me. This dog is really sweet!

I thus signed a sales agreement this morning. The sale will be made at the end of June. I have to find an apartment for June. But I ‘m going to rent it. It ‘ll be more easy. I ‘ll buy later!

In the afternoon, I wanted to watch a movie. I don’t know why I chose Notebook in my state. This movie upset me, for this difficult love story but so intense and so fast forgotten because of a disease. I can’t talk about it more today. I ‘m still in shock of this movie. There is a scene which particularly went me to pieces.

I ‘m going to overcome all this. It ‘s always what I make. And then the night, I have my little Bill!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Call of Tokio Hotel - an answer for me

I received a call of Tokio Hotel via the VIP Call, and the guys answered one of my questions . It was Friday the 23rd March. 

The question was in my Interview "For Love" . With this interview, I wanted to know  if for love, the guys of Tokio Hotel 'd be able to do something which they don't like to do usually or they don't want for sure.
And they answered this question : "Would you be able to stop the music for love? To stop your job? "
I remember I hesitated to ask this question. Because I think that nothing can make them stop this passion for the music, even a big love. And especially I don't want that! And I 'm right! Anyway when 2 persons love each other, they have the same passions. They like the same music. I couldn't fall in love with a man who would ask me to leave my passion for Tokio Hotel, for Bill Kaulitz. It's impossible.
This passion is full of exchanges. I give a lot for it, but these boys gave me so much too! I sometimes wonder how I would have lived my life these last years without them!!
They were a big air bubble! And I still need them today! For this I 'll never leave them and I'll still support them for a long time. 
"Alien one day, Alien forever!" In French this sentence is better, because it's a rhyme!! 
"Alien un jour, Alien toujours"

 Here is their answer. It 's Bill and Tom who answer. And I like very much their answer.

VIPcall TH 23.03.2012 by mariebillk

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today - At home

I had a professional meeting at 11 am today at Villejuif! I left my house at about 10 am this morning! I wanted to make photos in my bathroom, because there was a beautiful luminosity!

Marie 20th March 2012

Marie 20th March 2012

Monday, March 19, 2012

My VIP Call Tokio Hotel - Blooper

I counted, I called 90 times the VIP Call Tokio Hotel to ask questions or leave messages! I created a page to post all my calls ! I try to articulate when I speak! But sometimes it's a catastrophe! My funny call :

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A new wallpaper for my mobile

I have just changed the wallpaper on my mobile! Here is the new!

Bill - 2011

 Bill is so beautiful on this photo! Probably the most beautiful photo of him among the numerous which I have.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Movie : Amadeus

I don't know how many times I watched this movie of 1984 (8 Oscars). I like watching again it sometimes.


When I don't feel very well and when I want to be alone, I lock myself into the universe of Mozart. I want then only to hear the Requiem of Mozart.
I don't know how many times I saw playing the Mozart Requiem in the churches of Paris. I love the atmosphere and this music takes me!

Tonight I listen to the Mozart Requiem!!

I like this scene, where Mozart, sick, is helped to finish the writing of his requiem. But nobody really understands Mozart, too ahead of his time! He died,  finishing this magnificent work!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

La nuit des publivores - the night of the Ad Eaters

6 hours of advertising, 500 commercials of 50 countries! A great atmosphere, with DJ! It was the night between the 9th and 10th on March 2012 in the cinema Grand Rex in Paris. And I was there. I went into the cinema at 10 pm 09 March and I went out from it at 6:30 am on March 10th!! Died! It was really amazing ! 4 sessions of ads with 3 breaks!

This cinema is the most famous cinema in Paris! It's great with very big screen!!

Here are some ads that I liked and that I found on YouTube!

My favorite! Very original anf for a good thought Campaign AIDS !
Protect yourself!

The second touched me a lot! The death penalty is condemned to disappear! (Amnesty France)

I find the following so deeply moving! Don't let the charm of Russia to make us forget his atrocities! (Amnesty France)

And series of commercial for Addidas and Audi, really great. I choose this one!

Audi R8 , English Ad!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2 years ago tonight - I was in Helsinki!

I 'll never forget this concert! So intimate! The boys of Tokio Hotel had problems to join Helsinki by Ferry, because of icebergs! The stage was not completely ready (too late). No pursuit on Bill! Bill can see the public! I have memories of exchanges with the boys! This concert was for me a memorable concert!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

2 years ago tonight - I was in Stockolm !

Here is one of my favorite video among those that I recorded during this tour.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bush - Be Still My Love

It's a killer inside
As I'm watching you slide
Out my hand
You're slipping away
As I'm watching you fade
Please hold on
If I'm losing you now
I won't give till I'm out
You're my world
I'll shoulder your pain
Weather violent waves as I can

Be still my love
They can never take us
Be still my love
Be still, be still, my love

Now a stranger between
I can't get to you please
Don't fade off
Can't stand to lose you
I don't know what to do
For your bleeding
We're up all night, Sleep all day
We won't care, whatever you say
Our love, is ocean sized

Be still my love
They can never take us
Be still my love
Be still, be still, my love

I won't do no harm
And I won't do you wrong
I want you to come
Cause you've been gone to long
Try to revive
And bring you back round
No you are gone
Deep under ground
And nothing could ever be the same again
Ohhh I miss you my valentine
Lately, so heavy without you

Be still my love
They can never take us
Be still my love
Be still, be still, my love
Be still my love
Be still my love
Be still, be still, my love
Be still, be still, my love

This song touches me a lot! And this unplugged performance is really amazing! I like very much!

I never really believed in a soul mate, this person who exists somewhere, who has the same vision ot the life than you, the same tastes! Tonight I wonder a lot about the person who allowed me to discover this music!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Loss of voice !!

Here! Tonight, I can not get a sound out of my mouth! Loss of voice !
2 days ago, it was already difficult for me to speak (listen to my last question VIPcall on 29th feb). Yesterday more difficult. And tonight, after working day, with some meetings, I cannot get any more a sound!
It is frustrating!
I realize how much I love to talk and I need to talk!

No question to the call VIP (I'm sad) and yet I have many questions to ask to the boys of Tokio Hotel!

I am going to take my book of the moment which fascinates me, my IPad (with BTK App) and to go to my bed.
And tomorrow I'll have a lie-in, if my animals want it! Not sure!

My book actually : 1Q84! The author is Japanese, Haruki Murakami .

It 's a big success in Japan. And this success spreads all over the world! I read the 1st Volume! I 'm reading the 2nd and I have just bought the 3rd which has just release in France. I 'll write a post about this book when I 'll have read the 2nd Volume! It is just brilliant!