Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stop at London

Stop at London for a short moment. Breakfast this morning in the airport. It's raining here and it's cold for summer. Soon sun, heat and rain too.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My kitten Tom - Fan of Tokio Hotel

Glücklich! Tom Love Tokio Hotel!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stop the abandonments of animals the summer!

Every year 60000 pets are abandoned in France the summer. It is unacceptable! The Brigitte Bardot foundation launched a new campaign shock to denounce the abandonment of animals during summer.

For it, the love! For me the death! The abandonmen kills 100 000 animals a year!

Léa and Benji don't still know that!
In the next stop, one of them will be left by the roadside!

Don't abandon it, it would never abandon you !

Tom was lucky! I would have been able to cross the wood without seeing it! Where would be it today ?
It was very hungry. It was full of fleas, full of worms and it had the tail broken. I don't still manage to understand how somebody was able to abandon it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aristocats - My kitten Tom like Berlioz

My kitten Tom really looks like Berlioz of aristocats!

I would maybe have had to call it Berlioz! No! Tom is a name which is very well for it. And I sleep every night with Bill and Tom. I like that.

And Tom plays piano too! No ?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jogging in the wood with Humanoid Live in my ears

I run every Sunday morning in the wood of Vincennes, when I am at home. I run by listening to the CD Humanoid ( German version)
This morning, I ran with the CD Humanoid Live. So good! A little longer! I stopped on " Forever now ".
There are songs really great to run, as " Break away", " Hey you ", "Ready set go", " dogs unleashed " " Alien ".

I run with the rhythm of the songs, and with the T-shirt of the tour! It's better!

What is funny, it is that I have the images of the show in my mind, but especially the movements of Bill. I hesitated on Alien to dance as him. But I didn’t dare. I shall not run alone, but with friends, I think that I would dance as him by running. That could be funny!

Bill at 1min30 and 2min40 ! I adore !

Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEWS of my kitten Tom

Tom is very very happy to live in our house. It found a new mom, with Lova. Watch this video. They are so cute.

Tom and Lova are every morning very hungry (too early)!!!

Tom plays all the time.

Tom sleeps every night on my bed with Bill, my dog! Of course! I know girls, I am very lucky! Bill and Tom in my bed every night!!!

I have finally just found a family which is going to look after my 3 pets during my next holidays. I leave with Julie on July 30th until August 10th. I am going to leave quiet.

Monday, July 19, 2010

DVD Humanoid City Live - Tonight

This evening, I don’t go to the sporting room. I watch the Live DVD HUMANOID, with the presence of Bill and Tom! And yes! But I’m not sure that these 2 Bill and Tom sign me the DVD! LOL
I am again going to cry when the ball Humanoid is going to close this time. Ah ! ! this ball which closes and which takes my 4 rockers of love, and with my favorite song of the album Humanoid (Für immer jetzt, Forever now)!
This show is the best musical show which I was able to see!
Then, those who don’t have to attend the show as me (15 dates only), buy this DVD, you ‘ll really spend a good moment!
This show is exceptional! And Bill … WAHOU! Bill.! Bill is sublime!

PS: yes I prepare my suitcases, to leave on July 30th for 10 days very far from Paris.!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My new cat : Tom

Tom : "I am a kitten and I am 6 weeks. I am young, but my life is already full. I was separated from my mom and I found myself alone in a wood, where I had to ask to the walkers to give me something to eat. The children liked playing with me, but in the evening, I found myself alone in this quite black wood.
One day, a family came to picnic in the wood with friends. In the evening, Marie, Julie and Paul said together: " we can’t leave it alone here! "
There you go ! How this day, Sunday, July 03rd, I was finally able to sleep under a roof. I felt so good. I was very fast accepted by Bill, the dog, very nice. Lova the cat was more suspicious, but now it likes me, even if it takes the role of my mom.
I had a visit at the veterinarian in the week. This big sir with a white coat said to me at once: " well! You know that you fell in a good house you! "
Then he said that I was a male, with fleas, with worms, and with a mange on 2 ears. He said the Total. And then Marie said: " It’s no important! We are going to look after it! " Today, I don’t have fleas anymore, worms anymore and my ears are better.
We called me Fripouille (rascal) as official name (beginning with F) and Tom as usual name. Marie said: " Fripouille (rascal) and Tom are 2 names which are together well and Tom it is a name of cat "
I am so happy in my house with my family and my friends. I hope that all the abandoned animals will have all so much luck as me. "

Friday, July 9, 2010

I miss them - Zoom into me

"Zoom into me" in Oslo is probably my favorite video of my 80 videos of the Humanoid Tour. There was so much emotion in this scene. I will never forget this moment!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Concert Good Charlotte - Paris

I went with Julie to the concert of Good Charlotte on Wednesday, July 07th in the evening. I like this group, but I am not really fan. Julie is fan of this group since 2007. When I saw that they were on Paris in concert, I bought at once tickets. Julie was really happy. The concert was very nice. Julie works 1 month during the holidays. I am proud of her. She wakes up every morning at 5:30 am. I believe that she 'll be satisfied to go on holiday at the end of the month. I 'll be happy too.
My 2 videos of this concert :

These twins are really nice, but will never replace the twins who so miss me! Finally, soon!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I had planned this evening to tell the story of my new pet, a cat of 6 weeks, male called this evening " Fripouille dit Tom ", but the heart is not there. I feel so tired of this life. This feeling that people don’t care about me or about my problems. This evening, in me, that so bubbles. Just envy to break everything. I hold on, but it is my eyes which explode.
I would so need that my mom listens to me as before. I would so need to speak to a personn in particular. I have the feeling to have lost him too!
Fortunately, I have my 2 children and my 3 animals.
Maybe, you think that it’s just a whim ! Maybe you are right !
Aber, das Leben ist nur ein schlechter Scherz!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My favorite song

This song of Tokio Hotel is my favorite song. It is also the one which made me a fan of this group.
I like the last album, Humanoid. I like all the songs and particularly "Für immer jetzt", "Humanoid", "Pain of love" and "In your shadow". I 'll explain here a day why I love this group, why I love these 4 boys and why Bill so touches me.
But now, the best song of the world for me, Totgeliebt.