Sunday, January 29, 2012

Movie - Intouchables

18,3 million members of the audience in France since its release on November 2nd, 2011 and already 2 millions in Germany (release on January 5th, 2012).
I wanted to understand why! I understood. A funny movie, moving , an incredible human relation, a real inspiration, a magnificent music, and 2 actors whom I like very much. A great movie!

I really liked this music with piano, at the beginning of the movie.

Title : “Fly” (Ludovico Einaudi)

Trailer with english subtitles

And Trailer in German - I think it's better than in french!
Ziemlich beste Freunde - Offizieller Trailer [HD][Deutsch]


At the end of the movie, I cried (not because of the movie), but because I thought for a person very important for me, whom I miss more and more. The time is really too long!
(Nothing to do with the movie!)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hairdresser today ....... and I!

My hairdresser always understands what I want. I 'll never change!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

French Movies

Sorry for this silence, I didn't very want to update this blog this week. I need to isolate myself, in my books, in the music... and with a lot of work!
The weekend comes. Tomorrow, I go out to Paris to the theater with friends. But this weekend I want to see 2 French movies, successful movies of 2011 and 2012.

"Intouchables" with François Cluzet and Omar Sy. I like much Omar Sy.

And The Artist with Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Béjo!
(10 nominations for Oscar 2012! Great)

I have the feeling to see living again Charlie Chaplin!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Frustration, disappointment.... Need to escape

Frustration : Bill's photo was published on BTK and I can't see it! Yes I 'm deprived! I didn't think that it would so annoy me. You can laugh about that people, or lecture me if you want. Bill Kaulitz is a big passion. I assume and this morning I 'm seriously deprived.

Disappointement : Marie, too naive and too stupid whom I am, I sometimes have difficulty opening eyes to some persons. I am not certainly going to go into detail on internet, nor somewhere else moreover. I believe that many persons make fun of me for several years and I want to speak about it with nobody. Then get off!

Need to escape : A big need to escape! Break Internet! I want to have a walk during hours in Paris! Theater, Museum, exhibitions, cinema .... !
And yesterday, I bought 4 books. A good way to escape!

I 'm above all going to run in the wood during 1 hour and 30 minutes. That 's going to aerate my mind!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I like this dress!

Collection Herbst / winter 2012-2013 of Kilian Kerner! On Kilian Kerner facebook .
This dress has all that I like in a dress. Black. Silvery. The cup close to the body! The length! The originality behind.... J'adore!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


I feel weary today of the life! Bear every day the persons that I don't like and being far from those who I love! I need to escape tonight.

Nice video ! Attractive landscapes without anybody! Exactly what I need! I want to be alone in a desert! With many many books, to escape me more and more!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Who dares to say still that Tokio Hotel is dead ?

The application of the twins of Tokio Hotel came out on itunes today. The servers of the appli did not resist with the crowd of the fans who rushed to buy it on itunes store.
No people! Tokio Hotel isn't dead and Aliens ( their fans) either. The application is classified in 2nd position on Itunes store this evening. And I don't still have it. I cry!!! In 3 weeks, for my birthday, I offer myself IPhone 4s + BTK.

How the admin of BTK Twins didn't plan servers correctly sized for this application? He didn't know the madness of Aliens maybe.
The next time, recruit me twins as Admin. I would feel much more motivated to manage your appli that the app of the bank where I work.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazing video - drawing

When I watched this video, I thought of Tom Kaulitz. I think that he would like watching it. Indeed I saw that he was interested in the art of painting on the BTK application. Probably for that !
In any case, the guy draws really well!

Moreover by reading the exchanges between Bill and Tom on the Alien Wall of their application, a question that I wonder for a long time returned to me. But why the boys need to measure their s.. ( their tower)? It 's really a male trick, that!
Moreover, I always wondered if the twins had the same length for their "tower". It ‘s the question which I would like to ask to the twins Kaulitz, but not on the VIP CALL, I ‘m going be kicked out.
At the same time, it seems to me that the size of the "tower" is proportional to the size of the person. Bill is taller than Tom. Oh ...... poor Tom!
Moreover, my cat which is called Tom, has a small tail!

But of all the ways, us the women, we don't care of this size. The important it ‘s that it works well! And so that it works well, it 's necessary to have a lot of creativity, girls! There are some very effective tricks!
And yes! action girls, no passivity in these moments. It ‘s the secret of a perfect sexual agreement! Well stop! My blog is going to pass in the category X if I continue!

Tom! Ich bete dich an!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Photo of the day !!

I have of course many Bill Kaulitz's photos and I post here those which touch me particularly. This photo date from today. Bill took this photo with his mobile and published it on BTK application.
He is really beautiful ! But on this photo, what me touch, it’s the eyes of Bill, this look ! Then I ‘m going to tell here, what I have in my mind when I look at this photo and look at his eyes!

The eyes (the look) is the reflection of the soul.
In this look (in these eyes), I read a big sensibility, a big sensuality, a big generosity, a maturity mixed with a childish naivety, an intellectual wealth, an artistic wealth, a self-assurance mixed with a shyness … Bill is complex! A real paradox! So he 's the perfect man for me, with his qualities and his faults! In any case Bill has really a man's appearance today! But he keep his child's soul.

This man-child perfectionist really touches me very much!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hedi Slimane !!

I tell about Hedi Salimane because Bill said today that he was his favorite designer. What I think about this?
It ‘s so logical! I thus take advantage of this information to explain my passion for Bill Kaulitz, this other one for David Bowie and this passion which I also have for this departed composer who is Mozart.
We can wonder, but what is the common point between these 3 persons? It 's finally rather simple! What I like about these 3 person, it ‘s that they dare to bring new in various domains, in the music, in the style, with the risk of being hated. Whatever of more logical Bill is fascinated by Hedi Salimane.
This 43-year-old designer, who worked with Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Dior since created his own label by daring and renewing the male style! This lover of the black and white and also the big photographer, with a magnificent collection of incredible shoot! New, something ever seen! All that Bill likes and all which fascinates Marie also! When I hear today that Bill likes the style and the work of Hedi Salimane, I 'm reassured. Bill is forever the same complex boy that I love! Here 's photos of Hedi Salimane, More Photo here:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Message for Tokio Hotel !

Come back ! Come back! Come back!
Come back ! Come back! Come back!
Come back ! Come back! Come back!
Come back ! Come back! Come back!

Come back ! Come back !
Come back ! Come back
Come back !
Come back !
Come back !
Come back !

Come back !
Come back !


Come back !!

Marie (depressive Alien!).... ;-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

TOKIO HOTEL VIP CALL - Interview Technicolor

My second interview ! Interview technicolor !

1) What makes you become green with rage?
2) What makes you become red with shame?
3) What gives you a blue fear!
4) What makes you become pink of happiness?
5) What makes you laugh yellow?

I 'll begin tomorrow with the interview "First time". The interview "for love" on februray 14th (Valentine's day)!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ohne Liebe bin ich nichts !

Some days, as today, I wonder what is the sense of my life!
Go to work every day like a robot!?
All this to live without love !
When days are hard to live, I miss this love so much!
And nevertheless, he is so present in my mind and in my heart.
Why him? Why not another?
Why him? Why not a person I meet every day?
Why I can’t answer to some persons, another sentence than: " no, I am sorry! A person takes up my heart full-time! "
Why he continues taking up my thoughts and my heart for several years.
Why? Why? Why?
Why that doesn’t ever stop?
And why when I listen to the album of Nena " Willst du mit mir gehn" I think only of him!

"…The inner values count ! ! " Most probably ! He said that ! I agree !

Es tut mir weh, wenn ich dich seh
Weil ich das, was du sagen willst,gar nicht versteh
Und ich kann nicht denken und ich kann nichts tun
Ich will dich vergessen, ohne Liebe bin ich nichts

Dadadada dadadada

Und was ich weiß, ist: ohne Liebe bin ich nichts
Und was ich weiß: ohne Liebe bin ich nichts

Dadadada dadadada

Weil ich es weiß: Ohne Liebe bin ich nichts

Und wenn der Tag sich endlos neigt
Auch wenn es nie mehr wieder kommt, weiß ich es bleibt
Wenn ich bei dir nicht schlafen kann
Dann komm ich trotzdem immer wieder bei uns an

Es tut mir weh, wenn ich dich seh
Es tut mir weh, wenn ich dich seh und ich jetzt geh
Wie gerne will ich das alles vergessen
Ich will wieder schlafen und auch wieder essen
Wie gerne wär ich wieder bei dir
Wir wissen beide ohne Liebe sind wir nichts
Und was ich weiß ist ohne Liebe bin ich nichts

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

TOKIO HOTEL VIP CALL - Interview "Upside Down"

I have fun with the VIP CALL of Tokio Hotel! I ask all the questions which I would like to ask them, with a question a day!
This week, I made a special interview, way Ardisson, the interview upside down.
I am inspired for it of Thierry Ardisson's broadcast which was broadcasted in the TV, many years ago at night from Saturday till Sunday. I liked this broadcast. I liked the interviews of Ardisson. A lot of people doesn't like him. I like this presenter. I find him frank! It 's the main part!

Here is my interview upside down - Tokio Hotel

1) What faults has to have a woman to charm you ?
2) Which is the insult that you like the most ?
3) What is the compliment which irritates you the most?
4) What is the talent which you wouldn't like to have ?
5) Which sentence don't you ever say to yourselves ?
6) What object would you like that we steal you ?
7) Why would you be able to refuse your best love story ?

Nice ! No ? I would like the guys of Tokio Hotel answer the 1st and 7th questions.

I prepare other interviews!
Interview First time!
Interview Last time!
Interview Technicolor!
Interview for love!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book : Les Ecureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi - Part 2

I have already spoken to you about this book. I so liked the writing and how the author sees the human relation. I feel so close to what this author tells about the human relation!

And I wanted to share with you this extract which touched me a lot.

" ...... The smile of....
The smile of a self-assured man, but not too much …
Self-assured with confidence, without arrogance …
The smile of a generous man who embraces the world then looks at you and offers you this world …
Only for you. As if there was only you who deserved to receive this world.
As if, over the world, there was you, you and you …
A smile as we see two or three times in the life. We turn around and we know that we 'll never forget this man ….."

Marie : "It is so realistic!"
Other subject: BTK App of Bill and Tom!
I have no access to the application. I have a blackberry! And I feel so deprived that I harass blackberry so that Smartphone / BLackberry accepts the Android applications. It 's a project of blackberry, but not still operational!
In 1 month I change for IPhone / IPad if App BTK is OK! Otherwise , I change for Android.
I want to live the moment when Bill and Tom post their news. That can seem to you stupid, but for me it 's so important!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Souvenirs of journey !!

I have to stop buying mugs everywhere where I travel! I don't know any more where to put them!

Especially as I always drink my hot drinks in the same! This one! I don't know why?! Lol

When I listen to my questions in the VIPcal, my voice is too strange. I try to articulate well, because we don't really understand what say the fans by the phone. I articulate and I speak loudly! It 's too odd when we listen!