Friday, November 30, 2012

Magnificent Alegria Show - Worry !!

I attended in the late afternoon with Julie and Paul the show 'Alegria' by 'Le Cirque Du Soleil' at Paris Bercy. I was amazed by this magnificent show. Paul and Julie loved this show too. We were fascinated. The acrobatics are amazing and the clowns so funny. I 'll go to see again " Le Cirque du Soleil " as soon as I 'll have the opportunity. 


 Worry !!

 Bill worries me a lot at the moment.  I have the feeling he 's sad and things aren’t going well for him. He is missing for long period on BTK application and when he posts photo or text, we feel a big sadness. I check BTK App day and night as soon as I can . I want to find him again, to feel his presence. I didn’t sleep really a lot last night. I can’t. I feel him sad and I feel so helpless to support him. I post comments on BTK App to support him, but I ‘m sure these comments are not read. I can’t bear that some things aren’t going well for him.
 I think of him non-stop. I ‘d like to see his beautiful smile soon.

I love you Baby !!

Thursday, November 29, 2012



Tomorrow in Paris Bercy !!! I can't wait ! It's a so wonderful show !! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thoughts !!

I think of you !!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend at home !!

I had a quiet weekend at home !! Quiet ? Not really !! :-)

On Saturday morning, I was in the market of the city to sell second-hand books for the benefit of the journeys of the middle school of my son. I was there with other parents. I had a great time.

 I found time to work on the redesign of Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.
But I always have new ideas. I have a great pleasure with this site redesign

Sunday morning I ran 18 km. The Humanoid Tokio Hotel live is now too short. I listened to the live Humanoid and I ended up with Linkin Park's new album that I love.  Soon a half-marathon! Yes I want !!

 In the woods this morning, it was so beautiful!

 My Little Chick! I'm in love!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animations ! ♥

The twins are really beautiful in these animations. Bill is really beautiful with the yellow shirt. He is ready to practice Zumba. :-)

Often when I talk about Bill, I call him : my Chick! (In French , Mon Poussin )  .... ;-)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fascination! ♥

I have a fascination for this so beautiful tatto and the jewelry which covers it.. Why ? Because this tattoo contains full of mysteries. These jewels contain secrets. And also because these jewelry and tattoo belong to a person who holds an important place in my life, but especially in my heart.
I just spent a pleasant evening watching this picture and try to decode this drawing. 

Copyright - App BTK Twins

Elephant Symbol : 

Elephant Symbol
In China, India and Africa, the elephant is a symbol for power, dignity, intelligence and peace.
There are several lessons we can learn from the elephant and these too are used as its symbol: strength, wisdom, solitude, strong sense of loyalty to the family and intelligence. Other communities still consider the Elephant to be a strong symbol of luck. And thus the saying goes keep a lucky elephant at the door to your house so that you can get protection from bad luck. 
 I would also say that this animal is vegetarian. It doesn't kill to eat. And I think this is important for the one who wears this tattoo.

 Compass rose tattoo :  

The person who has a compass rose tattoo is probably loves to travel. It may be a sign of wanderlust or direction in life. May be nautical association. Someone may get this tattoo as a symbol of staying true to oneself.
Although these tattoos were used by sailors, for the modern-day tattoo aficionados, there are other meanings attached to this tattoo design. The meanings attached to them are a little philosophical. To some it stands for focus. It reminds the wearer of the tattoo to focus on the future and let the bygones be bygones. This is especially true about moving ahead after a rocky and tumultuous relationship. It can also indicate leaving an addiction behind. The last of the meaning is to start life afresh and look forward to the things that life has to offer.
In case someone has drifted away in life without any direction or goal to pursue, such a tattoo can be a reminder that if you want to achieve anything in life, then you should have the right direction. To some this tattoo design can also be about remembering, honoring and learning from the past, and at the same time looking forward and being open to whatever the future holds for the person. It is actually an all-encompassing view of life, rather a very healthy view of life.

In the center of the drawing : Irken symbol or not !! ??  

If it 's an Irken symbol, it 's opposite .
This symbol called "Irken Symbol" was designed by Jhonen Vasquez. The "Irken Symbol" comes from the cartoon "Invader Zim" created also by Jhonen, which is based on an alien invader called Zim and his robot GIR, coming from the planet Irken, apparently sent to Earth to conquer our planet.

A lot of questions : 

- Really an Irken Symbol ? For Aliens ? Maybe . But I have to do more research!
- Why this Irken Symbol is upside down ? 
- The pendant is positioned at the center of the central symbol. Why?
- What secret is hidden in the pendant?

-  What is it written in the part hidden and not revealed, of the tattoo ?

 This boy still hides many mysteries and secrets. He never stops to fascinate and amaze me. 


" ..

Whisper me
All your Secrets
Whisper me
All my Secrets
Whisper me
All your Secrets
Whisper me
Celebrate it loud!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend with my family - Epinal

The road was really long between Berlin and Epinal (917 km). Thank you German highways!  The traffic was very difficult in France between Metz and Nancy at 6 p.m. . Finally I found my dad and Pepsi, this adorable 5 months kitten,  in the evening yesterday. 

Berlin - From my hotel room, early Nov. 16, 2012. 

Last Breakfast in Berlin !!

Bye bye Berlin !!! See you soon !!
I spent a very pleasant Saturday with my father, my brother and Pepsi. Tomorrow I 'll go to see my sister in Nancy. We 'll go to visit my mom. Then, I 'll drive to Paris. I 'll work next Monday !!

Pepsi !!

Pepsi !!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Last day in Berlin ! Sehr kalt !

It was very cold in Berlin today for my last day. Berlin prepares Christmas seriously. Nice!!

 It was cold and without sun but I decided to go for a run in Tiergarten. (10 km). I took then an endless warm shower. It was so good .
I visited the permanent exhibition of Salvador Dali at Postdamer Platz. I liked a lot his paintings on Carmen's theme, and those on theme of "Pater Noster".

Salvador Dali - Carmen
Salvador Dali - Pater Noster

I went to the Christmas market in the evening. I wanted to buy some good things.

It's cold . Germans warm up by drinking mulled wine .... or beer .... or by eating ice cream. !?!

my purchases!!

I also bought hats and mittens! Sehr kalt !!

 Tomorrow morning, I 'll drive early to visit my Dad. Long road to Epinal. Back in France, in the East for the weekend.    Bye bye Berlin !!! See you soon !! ;-)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Day in Berlin !! Sunny Day !

Filmmuseum at Postdamer Platz !! Great Museum about the history of the german Cinema !

Subway and Alexander Platz !!

My shopping at Zara ! Sorry for the strip, I had no light top to wear with the jacket. Oups !! ;-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunny Day in Berlin !! Nice city ! ♥

My hotel is at Potsdamer Platz! Walk at the end of morning in Berlin! I had to buy sunglasses! :-)

Toboggan run with artificial snow at Potsdamer Platz.   

 Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz . 

Shopping! I couldn't resist at Zara! A legging, a jacket, a shirt and a T-shirt.

And a Humanoid jogging in Tiergarten !! Very nice !!

I love Berlin !! I would like to live half of the time in Berlin and the other half in Paris. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Auf Wiedersehen Frankfurt ! Guten Abend Berlin!

I arrived in Berlin tonight! Long road! I lounging in a bath in my hotel room. (No photo :-) )
The EMAs are broadcasting on VIVA TV actually. I didn't see the performance of The Killers yesterday. It was Great.
PSY, do you like ? The record of "I like" on youtube. I don't understand why ? Honestly. 

I have no photo today, I am lazy right now in my room in a bathrobe. I'm on vacation!! ;-)

Here is the drawing of a french fan of Tokio Hotel I follow on facebook. She has a lot of talent. And this drawing made me explode in laughing.
The page facebook is called "Un Hôtel à Tokyo (Drawings)"

What do you think of this story ? I like Gustav !! :-) Et Georg has a big problem. A big ? He has a problem. The twins are so funny too. I like really.

Sentences :

1. Bill : Weird ...

Me : I'm sure they will remember me after this !
2. Bill : Was ist das ?
Tom : Surely one of your Fans Bill. 
 Georg : Why doesn't she move ? 

3. Gustav : Sexy... ♥
— avec Juliet Trümpy Bailly.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday in Frankfurt !

To begin breakfast and BTK!

At the end of the morning, jogging, along the Main, with Humanoid Live in my ears. 15 km. It was very nice.

 A stroll in the late afternoon in the direction of EMAs.

OK ! Done !

My shopping yesterday ! 

No ring for once! But earrings! Not easy to wear every day. But I like !!

And Albums, magazines ... The new Album of Nena !! "DU BIST GUT" !! 

 Have a nice EMAs Ceremony ! 
Tomorrow, I'll drive to Berlin !!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday in Frankfurt !!

Rain, Rain, Rain , in Frankfurt today!
I went shopping, visited the old town, I didn't know and especially visited a temporary exhibition at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. An incredible exhibition! "SCHWARZE ROMANTIK". I liked it very much!!

 And the exhibition !! 

Erwin Blumenfeld, Totenschädel, um 1932

Salvador Dali, Ballerina als Totenkopf, 1932
Gabriel von Max, Die weiße Frau, um 1900,
Carlos Schwabe, Die Welle, 1907
 The Städel Museum’s major special exhibition "Dark Romanticism. From Goya to Max Ernst" will be on view from September 26th, 2012 until January 20th, 2013. It is the first German exhibition to focus on the dark aspect of Romanticism and its legacy, mainly evident in Symbolism and Surrealism. In the museum’s exhibition house this important exhibition, comprising over 200 paintings, sculptures, graphic works, photographs and films, will present the fascination that many artists felt for the gloomy, the secretive and the evil. Using outstanding works in the museum’s collection on the subject by Francisco de Goya, Eugène Delacroix, Franz von Stuck or Max Ernst as a starting point, the exhibition is also presenting important loans from internationally renowned collections, such as the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée du Louvre, both in Paris, the Museo del Prado in Madrid and the Art Institute of Chicago.

And I bought this book !


My hotel is busy tonight with the EMAs! Many artists are here, in my hotel. I'll go tomorrow to Festhalle to see the atmosphere. But I have no ticket and I don't really want to attend the show.
If Tokio Hotel was there, I 'd fight to enter. For sure !!