Friday, January 6, 2012

TOKIO HOTEL VIP CALL - Interview "Upside Down"

I have fun with the VIP CALL of Tokio Hotel! I ask all the questions which I would like to ask them, with a question a day!
This week, I made a special interview, way Ardisson, the interview upside down.
I am inspired for it of Thierry Ardisson's broadcast which was broadcasted in the TV, many years ago at night from Saturday till Sunday. I liked this broadcast. I liked the interviews of Ardisson. A lot of people doesn't like him. I like this presenter. I find him frank! It 's the main part!

Here is my interview upside down - Tokio Hotel

1) What faults has to have a woman to charm you ?
2) Which is the insult that you like the most ?
3) What is the compliment which irritates you the most?
4) What is the talent which you wouldn't like to have ?
5) Which sentence don't you ever say to yourselves ?
6) What object would you like that we steal you ?
7) Why would you be able to refuse your best love story ?

Nice ! No ? I would like the guys of Tokio Hotel answer the 1st and 7th questions.

I prepare other interviews!
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  1. Excellent ! Tu aurais pu le remplacer au pied levé... J'espère que les gars répondront à tes questions, tu es si inspirée ;-) Bon week-end. Bisous. (Fabienne)

  2. Merci Fabienne!
    Ca m'amuse c'est vrai. Je ne sais pas si ils répondront aux questions, mais j'espère au moins qu'ils les écouteront. Tous les liens sont sur le blog.
    Je réserve l'interview "Par amour ... " pour la semaine de la Saint-Valentin. J'ai des questions très sympa!