Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank You Billy .... ♥

I wanted to wear something special for Billy listening sessions in Paris and Milan ..
I wanted to feel in the atmosphere of BILLY'S EP .. I felt so good in my black smoking in Paris with Billy and in my white smoking in Milan with Billy ..

I'm really happy Billy liked my outfits .... " you look so nice" ... 
... and liked my pictures on instagram ... Thank you Billy 
 I'm so in love with this boy .... ♥


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Je t'aime Maman ...

Mother's Day in France today..  I couldn't go to see my Mom today .. But I wanted so much to be with her. I'll see her in two weeks ..

Happy Mother's Day Mom .. I love you .. 

 Violet is the favorite flower of my Mom ..I wonder if she remembers ..
In the language of flowers Violet means, "I love you, but it's a secret ..."

 In the language of flowers, for centuries, the violet symbolizes modesty and humility in everything is most tender and respectful. This matches well with the discretion of the small wild flower that blooms at the beginning of spring.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

.. time to change my job ..

I had to change my job in the bank where I work. I had to join a team of coaches , lean management team . But the project was stopped. I have to find another job in my bank group .. 
I really want to join the international retail banking of the group. . I need to go ... anywhere in the world .. 
Or .. why not .. leaving the bank to another world ..
I am an IT project manager .. with 10 years experience mastery of work and 10 years of experience in project owner. 
I am graduated from the University of Nancy 1. I have a Diploma in IT Higher Specialized Studies, equivalent engineer. I can work in all areas.
I need change ... 

For fun on facebook, I answered the quiz: "Where will you work in 5 years?" The result, after analyzing my profile. The result is in French. But my job , in 5 years is "handywoman of Billy" .. Is it a job ? Probably .. The best one .. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm Not OK - EP by Billy out today ...

Finally this day has come ... That day I was waiting for many years .. Bill (alias Billy)  has just released his first solo album. Tonight the EP is 2nd sales in France in the "alternative" category.
I love all the songs. The 5 songs are really so good .. 
But I'm unable to say which is my favorite. And to be honest, these songs hurt me, touch me deeply.... I feel lost... I need time .. a lot of time ..

to itunes ; click here 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Throwback .. My outfits for Billy events in Paris and Milan ..

I went to Billy private listening session in Paris (on 6th May)  and in Milan ( on 9th Milan)  with special outifits .. I wanted to dress in accordance with Billy EP. Black and white .. and fashion .. 
I chose to wear the smoking .. black for Paris ..and white for Milan .. I love ... 
I found my 2 smokings online at Stefanie Renoma online store. I love this designer .. I love what she makes .. ... 

One day in Paris ... meeting BILLY .. 

another day in Milan ... Meeting BILLY .. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Iggy Pop in Paris ..

Saturday I went to the opening of a photos gallery, The Art of Post Pop Depression. "Post Pop Depression is the last album studio of Iggy Pop. 

Matt Helders, drummer and photographer explains he took these pictures during the 3 weeks of the recording of the album in the studio Rancho Della Luna in Joshua Tree (californian desert) 

So beautiful pictures .. Black and White photos ... Great atmosphere .. Iggy pop was at the exhibition at the opening .. 

And this show tonight in Paris .. in this beautiful venue .. Le Grand Rex .. Incredible show .. Iggy is fantastic ..

Une vidéo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

Une vidéo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Billy .. Milan ..

I hesitated before sharing my photos of my meetings with Billy in Milan. Not because the pictures were bad .. But because they strongly emit emotion that came over me every time I met Bill ..The looks, the eyes, the smiles often speak louder than words. But these pictures are so personal ... So I have shared as photomontage  ..

But I wanted to share my feelings in my meetings with Billy .. I have so much love for this boy that every meeting I'm in too intense emotional state. Words, sentences don't come out. Then I feel silly for not having managed to talk to him really. 
But these meetings last less than a minute. My emotion does not have time to calm down to release my words.
And yet I have so much to say to him, a lot of things that have accumulated over the year.

Then everything goes through the look, and touch and yet remains so intense ..

I waited two hours outside, before entering the signing session, because I had the number 183. 2 hours in the middle of the fans but 2 hours alone ... My German, Belgian and French "friends" were already went to see Billy with lower numbers to 100.

 I often feel quite alone in this world before, in whichthe I don't find myself.
 I place my trust in only 3 people.( 2  french and 1 belgian )

Including 2 hours waiting someone called my Italian number... and finally ... "cento ottanta tre."
I joined a group of 10 people. We start to pre-order the book (there is none left.).

We deposit our bags. I did everything very quickly because I wanted to go to change my clothes before going to the private listening session.
And I'm the first to wait to meet Billy.
When he turned away to greet the next person, he has already met over 180 people. I feel a certain weariness in his movements.
Then he sees me. His smile lights up. His hands shake to greet me. His person seems fully revived.What a wonderful welcome !!

He seemed so happy to see me that I thought it was a good thing to get the position 183... a good thing for Billy .. 

" Always in my mind .. Forever in my heart .. "

The return to everyday life is even more difficult than usual .. When I look at these pictures, full of sincerity, my eyes are blurred immediately ..

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Milan ...

I feel good in Milan .. I hope tomorrow will be an unforgettable day .. Billy is not OK .. Really ? .. I hope Billy'll be OK tomorrow in Milan .... I want it .. 

10 Corso Como , Milano 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

BILLY exhibition in Paris - VIP Room

I had a great time yesterday afternoon at the VIP Room in Paris for the listening session of the EP of BILLY.
A great atmosphere in a nightclub in the afternoon .. I love .. 

I was disappointed not to see the photo gallery. But I'll see it in Milan ... We were in a nightclub and the photos gallery couldn't be installed. 
Bill(ly) was so exceptionnal ..He was so nice, sweet but at the same time so involved, so happy to share his solo project. I love this unique person forever .. 

The Q&A was great too, good questions and Billy was in the middle of us on a spinning platform. 
I listened to the songs of the EP for the first time ..At the first listening I love all the songs except the first I heard ... because this song isn't really my style. Maybe I need several listenings ... 

I'm now ready for Milan ... 

 my best time .. 

Une photo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

The book is really beautiful with so many art photos .. I love it ... 

And we received some cards with the photos of the book .. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

BILLY ... ♥

The exhibition will be in Paris tomorrow ... with Billy .. As usual, I am excited to see Billy again, but scared.
 I hope Billy'll be OK with me ... 

BILLY - Berlin- Seven Star Gallery - 04.05.2016

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Game Of Thrones .. (SPOILER ALERT!!!)


 only for those who watched the episode 2 of season 6.

 I like this video .. I was like them at the end of the episode .. Hahaha !!! 

Monday, May 2, 2016

... can't wait ..

Soooonnn ..  I can't wait for this meeting .. next friday in Paris ...