Monday, July 30, 2012

Tonight - Reading in my bed

The last number of Rock First and a special number about the most great songs of Rock!!! Wow!! 
Travel guides to prepare my next journey in California!! Wow!
And BTK App !! Wow!
Evening in my bed with Bill!! Wow!!

(Bill = My dog!! Pffftt!!   )

Yannick Agnel - Respect !!

I wanted absolutely tonight to speak about this boy. This boy who with a big simplicity and with a big kindness has just won tonight his second golden medal at the J.O. in London.
A real model of fighting spirit  without any pretension! The French team of Football should have to learn that lesson!
BRAVO Yannick! You are a real champion guy and a real model for the young sportsmen!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amazing Olympics Opening Ceremony!!

Really amazing ceremony! I didn't plan to watch it, but I watched the first images and I finally watched all. I could not stop! The show was really successful! Never seen a show like that! Congratulations the British! You are the best!! England and its innovations! Great Country!!

 My favorite moment!


 "We played Our songs and felt the London sky resting on our hands..."

 Bowie was acknowledged in the musical presentation with a section that had Starman at its core.

The piece began with a red lightning bolt and the TOTPs footage of Starman projected on to the walls of a house as hundreds of Ziggyesque/glam rock clones formed a huge star and the familiar refrain "There's a Staaarmaaaaan waiting in the sky..." boomed out across the arena. 
(David Bowie Official facebook) 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Little Mouse

When my children were small, I always told them a story before they fall asleep.
And very often, I invented one by telling what I thought at this moment.
I looked after a few days ago, a 6-year-old Little Girl and before she fell asleep I improvised a story.

My story was called: " if I was a Little Mouse ".

" If I was a Little Mouse, I would edge my way into the recording studio of Tokio Hotel, where the boys are preparing a new album, I would not move and I would listen to, silently, to discover their new songs in secret and I would keep everything for me.
But NO, if somebody discovered me, I would risk be caught, even if Bill would shout: " let her go! Don’t hurt her! "
No if I was a Little Mouse, I would slip into Bill's bag, to follow him everywhere where he goes!
But NO, Bill changes bag too often, I would finish in the back of the cupboard with shoes, very dark.
No, if I was a Little Mouse, I would slip into the pants pocket of Bill to go everywhere where he goes and to feel also his heat.
But NO, I would finish very fast in the washing machine and I would die bathed.
No, if I was a Little Mouse I would edge my way simply at night into Bill's room, I would settle on his pillow and would look at him sleeping, noiselessly.
Then before he wakes up, I would kiss him on his cheek and I would leave.
And I would be the happiest Mouse of the world. "

Then the Little Girl said to me: " but why do you want to give a kiss to Bill? "
Me: " because he is very kind and because I love him very very much ! "
The Little Girl: " then why don’t you go now to give a kiss to him? "
Me: " because it ‘s not possible! He is far and even if he was nearby, it would not be possible. That's life! "
The Little Girl: "...... then the life is sad! "
Me: " yes you are right! The life is sometimes sad! Sleep now! "

I leave, I switch off the light and get ready to close the door, when the little girl calls me again.

The Little Girl: " Marie? "
Me: " yes? "
The Little Girl: " I ‘m sure that Bill loves you very much! "
Me: "....  Certainly! Sleep now! "

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Petite Marie

I have this beautiful song in my mind since the last weekend! Maybe because my parents called me "Little Marie"! Maybe because I spent the weekend with my dad! Maybe because I heard this song in the car on the way home!
 Probably because my mom in the middle of his silence was suddenly an unexpectedly maternal gesture, gently caressing my back and smiling at me. She was so happy to see me! I 'll never forget his eyes at this moment!! 

 English Translation Of Petite Marie = Little Marie

Little Marie, I talk about you
Because with your sweet voice
Your little habits, you poured onto my life
Thousands of roses
Little fury, I'm fighting for you
So that in 10,000 years
We'll find ourselves sheltered
Under a sky as pretty as thousands of roses

I've come from the sky, and the stars only talk about you
And a musician who lets his fingers play
On a piece of wood
About their love bluer than the sky around

Little Marie, I'm waiting for you, numb with cold
Under a tile from your roof
The wind from the cold night
Sends me back the ballad that I had written for you
Little fury, you say that life
Is a ring on every finger
In the sun of Florida
Me, my pockets are empty
And the cold makes my eyes cry

[Repeat Chorus]

In the darkness of your street
Little Marie can you hear me
I'm only waiting for you to leave ...

[Repeat Chorus]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend with my family

I'm just back from my weekend with family in Epinal and Nancy!

 Bill came with me!!

Bill, ready for the weekend!!

 Tom and Lova stayed together at home with a huge plate of food. Poor babies!! I don't like to let them alone for several days, but in the car they are too stressed! Usually friends of me come at my home every day to give them food and to clean the litter, but my friends are on vacation ! They are happy to see us today!!

Tom - Very sweet cat!

Family lunch at Nancy!! Sunny sunday !

Here Volga, an adorable 7 year bitch!

Volga : Why this chair is so small?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I miss him !!!!

I love his new hairstyle !!! He's a so handsome boy!! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest in the Tour De France for a weekend!!

I spent an incredible weekend on the road of "Le Tour de France". I lived the event in the heart of the organization. The Tour de France is 4,700 persons who work and must be hosted in each city stop.
 I made the road in a car of the bank I work, the bank sponsor of the event!!

I had the chance to attend part of the race in a helicopter! Just amazing !!! 

My videos !!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Carcassonne - Tour de France

I 'll go tomorrow to Carcassonne. I 'll be Sunday 15th at the stage of the Tour de France between Limoux et Foix. The bank where I work is a partner of the yellow jersey for 50 years. I 'm invited. I'm not sure how I 'll follow the race. By car, helicopter .. ? Surprise!
I 'll take pictures of course!
I don't even know the name of a runner!! :-)
Carcassonne is a really beautiful City !! Medieval City!! I 'll sleep tomorrow in this city! Maybe fireworks for July 14 !??

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Holidays in September - Highway 1

I 'll be on holidays September 08th, 2012. It 's still so far.
But I have just reserved my great journey. I needed to escape!!

From San Francisco to Los Angeles by car!!

I have a fly to San Francisco on September 08th. I stay 3 days in San Francisco. I 'll visit friends who live there for 3 years.

San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
And Los Angeles where I 'll stay 3 days .

I have a fly to Paris from LA on September 17th

 I 'd have liked going to the Burning Man at the end of August in the desert of Nevada. But not possible. And I'm alone. I 'd like going to this festival with others persons!!
It 'll be for a next time.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally Internet comes back at home!

Finally an internet connection on my desktop PC at home! The Wifi still lacks! Soon!! 
I can now post some pictures because with the Ipad it's impossible! I can now update my site ( and the blog of Tokio Hotel on Goomradio! 
I went last weekend in a big shop for interior design!! Swedish Shop!! :-) And I found these frames for my big pictures I want to hang in my room! With them my room 'll be my world. I have to find a picture of Gustav!
Beautiful pictures !! No ?

A picture of me at night after my move! Exhausted but happy! (Very dark!!)