Saturday, September 29, 2012

Relook of my site in progress !!

Finally a little time to work on my site! What do you think of this photomontage for the new design of the forum of my site I want a design less dark!

  Shopping at Ikea today. I have to build flat-pack furnitures !! Go !!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Finally the weekend!

Too much work! I'm really happy because it's the weekend! I finally solve a lot of problems at work this week. The atmosphere is better. My associates are happy! And me too! But it 's very difficult. But I do. ;-)

Next holiday! I just booked my hotel in Frankfurt from 09 to 12 November 2012, and in Berlin from 12 to 16 November 2012 . I have a few museums to visit in Berlin! And ....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Photos of the day !!

.... in love !!

My favorite twins!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday at home !!

A weekend at home! Saturday visit to the vet for my cat Tom (vaccine). Urgent shopping for my son who 's grown a lot (5 centimeters this summer) . 
I went to run in the wood this morning, with live Humanoid in my ears. And I work a lot on my site to update it. At first, I 'm relooking the forum of the site. New design soon !! Many ideas in mind!
My cat, Tom - Today

 Anecdote at the vet :
I went to the vet on Saturday for my cat Tom. Bill, my dog was ​​with us. When I went into the vet's office, he said: "Oh, Bill and Tom!". I smiled and I said: "Yes, they came back.". He smiled too, but we don't think exactly the same thing! :-)

Tomorrow it's back to work. It worries me a lot! I have so much work and the atmosphere was really not very good before I go on vacation. This is the first time since more 10 years that I think about changing job

I would like to have more time for my site. I have so many ideas and I so want to work on it. Maybe everything 'll be fine!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beautiful Sunset in LA - 17th september

When I took off from Los Angeles Tuesday, Sept. 17 in the early evening, there was a magnificent sunset over the city. During the take-off, I don't have to use my camera, but it was so beautiful that I was not able to resist.
I said to the person who sat next to me: "Look how beautiful is the sky!". She smiled but didn't seem interested in my sky. The colors were so beautiful. I took photos !! 

And what a surprise when I arrived in Paris on September 18th and I consulted BTK App of Bill and Tom Kaulitz who live in Los Angeles.
Bill was fascinated too by this sunset and he photographed it from his car. I am always in harmony with this boy. It's so amazing !!
Here are Bill's pictures :

 I know I don't have the rights to publish the photos of BTK application, but I couldn't resist for this subject! Sorry !! ;-)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Today - Alzheimer's Day 2012


 My mom isn't capable any more of reading post-it. I cling on to her smile as long as it 's still there!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Song Of The Day - Baby Come Home

Since yesterday, I have this song in my mind !! Why ? Because I love it and I'm happy .. ! That's all !!!:-)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bye Bye LA - Bonjour Paris

Before leaving to the airport, September 17, I went to the area of El Pueblo de Los Angeles Downtown, the oldest district of the city. With the oldest houses and a Mexican market. Very nice place!

I 'm sad to leave California.
Last Cappuccino in LA

Beautiful Sunset in LA - From my plane 

Bye Bye LA !!

Bonjour Paris !!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Venice Beach - Beverly Hills - Santa Monica

After a good breakfast at the hotel, I drove to Venice Beach. And what a discovery. I loved this place
I would have enjoyed running on these long beaches, but I didn't want because of the heat. I have to come here for that. 

Aliens are everywhere, even in Venice Beach!

I drove in the early afternoon to Beverly Hills! 

 Then I drove to Santa Monica in the late afternoon. I love the houses in Santa Monica.

 I did a lot of shopping. Look what the t-shirt which I bought at Venice Beach!

I'll customize this T-shirt because I dont't like the look! I 'll keep the Alien , of course!!

Tomorrow, late afternoon I have a flight to Paris. It 'll be difficult to leave the ground of California, for various reasons. But I have to go. I'll come back here !! For sure !
I'll see you again on European time!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Beverly Hills - Hollywood

I started my day with this great museum: LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) . 

 With a huge lift!

 And a fine collection of Picasso, among others!

 Then I went to Beverly Hills on Wilshire Boulevard, to visit the Academy of Motion picture arts and sciences.

The heat is still present today in Los Angeles!

And Hollywood ... 

Walk of fame ... ! My favorite Star !!

Chateau Marmont on West Sunset Boulevard !

I built my veggie-burger . Good, but too much !

Tomorrow I planned to go to Venice. I wanted to run, but it's really too hot. I 'll go to Beverly Hills in the early afternoon. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Los Angeles - 1st Day

On the road to Los Angeles from Santa Barbara!

The temperature on the road. In LA it was 107 °F . (41 ° C)

Hello Los Angeles !!

 I walked in Downtown LA. I don't know if it 's because of the oppressive heat of LA, but I did not appreciate this discovery. I felt like myself in a huge "Paris La Defense" soulless where I worked for 10 years. I went to the Museum Of Contempory Art. Great Works but not enough. I visited in 20 minutes. 
I like very much this Work of Georges Segal . 

Georges Segal
 It 's impossible to drive around Los Angeles and find parking. $ 50 for 2 hours 30 parking! My car is now in the free parking at my hotel!
My Hotel is great! Pool, bar, Biergarten with German Bier !!  The atmosphere is really great! People want to have fun! We're in Los Angeles! That's cool!

My room is great !!

 Tomorrow program : Beverly Hills (I 'm looking for a house in LA. ;-) ) , Hollywood and West Hollywood !! Great program !!