Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tokio Hotel in Tokyo the 15th december

When I watch my videos in Tokyo today, I like " Durch den Monsun " and " Dogs unleashed ". "Durch den Monsun" is always magnificent and moving in live, because the fans respect this song in all the countries. And in all the countries, the fans want to hear Tokio Hotel to sing in German. It is in any case for what the fans ask on the comments of my videos.

I like very much "Dogs unleashed" in Tokyo, because ...... . Just for me!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want to watch Labyrinth tonight

I want to go to bed with my laptop to watch "Labyrinth". There is so for a long time that I did not watch it. I think of a special person tonight.

Jacques Dutronc - "Il est 5 heures, Paris s'éveille"

I have never understood why this song upset me so much. I am sure that there is an explanation in my childhood. But I don't know it.
I like very much this French singer and I nevertheless like very much this song also. "It is 5 am, Paris wakes up. "

Monday, December 27, 2010

27th December - Come back at home

I drived a big part of the day. Roads from the east of France are really difficult with this snow. I arrived at home with no problem.

Christmas in family. My brother was not able to come to join us because of the snow. We spent a good Christmas. My parents were really satisfied. My mom has an Alzheimer's disease which progresses slowly. What a shit! But when she sees me arriving, she always says the same sentence: " here is a sunbeam in the house! "
I know that a day, she will not say any more it. I take advantage of all the moments with her. Even if she changed a lot, she re-knows us all. It is the main part.

With my sister

With my father (with the funny face of my father! )

And with my son, Paul!

Bill with snow! It likes snow!

Tomorrow I work! Don't want!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with snow

My pets in my car. I know it is forbidden, but they are really cool! They should be chained.

A lot of snow here in Les Vosges. My dog likes.

Merry Christmas everyone! Bill's smile in Tokyo! I love !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I leave spending Christmas with my family in the east of France

I leave by car this morning to spend Christmas with my family, in the east of France, Epinal, next to Nancy.
I leave with Paul, Julie, Bill, Tom and Lova. I let at home Gregor and Günter, my 2 goldfish. They do not bear the car. Lol
I worked 2 days, with a jet lag. And yes I still lived at the time of Tokyo. I wake up at 3 am in the morning.
Nobody to the office. I took advantage of it to make my video of Christmas of my site
I wish you and your family a merry christmas!

"All I want for Christmas is You ....!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

20th december, Back to Paris

I come back at home in the evening. I took my animals at their nurse. Very happy to see them again.
The Best Of of Tokio Hotel waited me in the postbox.

It is soon 10 p.m.. Soon 24 hours that I am awake. I am fast going to go out with Bill and to fall asleep by listening to the Best Of.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

19th december - last day in Tokyo, Visit

We waked up early this morning, Julie and I, to take advantage of Tokyo this last day. To begin, we took photos in the atmosphere of our Japanese inn. This inn of the South of Tokyo is really typical. We sleep on futons. I like that! But I miss my little Bill! (I miss the big Bill Too! Of course)

Then we visit Kaminarimon (the door), Nakamise-dori (I bought things which are of no use. Lol) and the great Senso-ji temple.

We visited the other temples. And we took a lot the subway. I like the subway of Tokyo. It is OK all the time. It is very clean all the time.

Then Tokyo tower ...Like Paris !! No

Then, we visit Roppongi Hills, where we can have a Tokyo City View on the 52th stage of a tower. It was really great!

Another temple ....

I bought a kimono for Bill, size 2S. I like.

I think that it won't like that. Another thing which is of no use! It is just funny!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

18th December - Tokyo, shopping at Omote-Sando and Meet with japanese fans

Today, I woke up late in the morning. To begin, shopping to Omote-Sande. I bought full of things which are of no use.

Then shopping to Kiddy Land. I still bought things which are absolutely of no use. But you find that only in Japan. It's so amazing!
Then, we spent in the afternoon with fans Japanese of Tokio Hotel which we met the day of the showcase. The girls made for us visited Shibuya by showing us all which was interesting to see. It is better to visit Tokyo with Japanese.
Thank you the Japanese girls for your welcome! Japanese always want to do a service to you so that you felt good. The fans of Tokio Hotel too! Thank you girls!
We spent a great afternoon! And thank you Tokio Hotel! We meet thanks to you fans all over the world. The same passion unites us! YOU!

I bought the album Schrei which released in Japan in 2005. I am satisfied.

The Japanese girls try to learn French. I like.

Japanese protest at Shibuya. It is funny! They disturb nobody and apologize in more for the disturbance! In Paris, the demonstrators block the streets, break the shop windows of stores and burn cars.

There is really a lot of people to Shibuya. It is impressive! In Paris, there is nobody!

Tomorrow, I visit another district of Tokyo, for the last day. I 'll come back to Tokyo one day. I like and I did not see everything.

Friday, December 17, 2010

17th december - Visit Tokyo and shopping

Tokyo is really a great city. I 'll never have time to see everything. I have my flight on Monday, December 20th.
This morning I visited the district of Ueno, with the national museum of Tokyo. Great! If there is a museum to be seen in Tokyo it is this one. (History of Japan, customs ... ) I like!

Then, I visited Gojo-Tenjinsa in the park of Taito-Ku. A reconstruction of a small Japanese typical village. Very nice!

Then I go to the elecronic tower at Akibahara (Laox), the temple of the electronics in Tokyo, compatible with our European standards. (It's better). I bought a reader mp3 Sony for my son Paul. Cheaper than in Paris.
And shopping at Shibuya! YES The inevitable "TOUR 109" (the place of the fashion in Tokyo). I bought a trench GILFY. Then UNIQLO obviously. The UNIQLO store of Paris, which has just opened is inaccessible. Too many people. We visited the other shops at Shibuya. I like Shibuya.

We bought kimonos. Tomorrow photos with kimonos. I like Japan. The subway is really brilliant. Toilet in Japan, exceptional! I take photos of toilet, with small music to hide the noise.... Lol. A small jet for intimate wash! ...still LOL! Everything is electronic. And everything is clean everywhere. I found that Germany was very clean before to know Japan. Even the ground of the subway is very clean. I have the feeling to have the clean hands all the time. In Paris when I arrive at the office at 9 am, I begin by washing myself hands.
Tomorrow, we spend the afternoon at Shibuya with fans Japanese (of Tokio Hotel of course) whom we met the day of the showcase. We want to see each other before leaving Tokyo.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visit Tokyo today

I visited Tokyo today. I walked a lot. Too tired. It's just a great city. Tomorrow I visit another district. And shopping .. of course!

The Imperial Palace

I think that there 's an error on this photo. Missing a letter! The Japanese don't know how to write! Lol

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tokio Hotel sang in Tokyo tonight

I attended tonight the showcase of Tokio Hotal in Tokyo. To see Tokio Hotel on stage in Tokyo is a dream for all the fans of the whole world. For 3 nights, I do not sleep because I am afraid of missing this event. But this night, all is OK. I saw the boys on stage in Tokyo. The dream of the boys of Tokio Hotel too. I'm so happy fort them. It's great, for the best group of the world!
Invitation cards for 2 were won by persons who live in Japan.
I entered with a german fan who works in Japan. And Julie entered with a Brazilian fan who studies in Japan.
I speak today with numerous fans of Japan. Very nice. I remain very disappointed by this group of fans Japanese, which I helped to win Meet*Greet, and which ignored me today. Of more this group of fans won all the meetings with the group. It's a pity. There are many of the other fans in Japan.
My videos of the showcase :

I love you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Great day shopping at Shibuya

We spent a great day of shopping in Tokyo. I stopped looking for Tokio Hotel in Tokyo. The japanese speak very badly English. And this morning, when I asked at the reception of the studios of NHK ( Japanese TV), if the group Tokio Hotel spent in the studio for an interview, the nice man understood that I looked for an hotel in Tokyo. Lol

Tomorrow showcase. Tokio Hotel sings in Tokyo. Finally. I hope that we can enter Julie and me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A mes proches - Laurence

Tout va bien ici. Bien arrivée à Tokyo. Mon téléphone portable ne fonctionne pas ici. Vous pouvez me contacter sur le téléphone de Julie si besoin.

Bisous Laurence.

Arrival in Tokyo at 9.45 am this morning (Tokyo time)

Super trip in a Airbus A380 for Air France. This plane is huge. I wondered if he would succeed in taking off and landing. The plane is really comfortable.

The arrival in Tokyo is more difficult. I have no telephone. My black Berry does not find a network. I have never had this problem since I travel. That irritates me.
I know in no way the schedule of the group in Tokyo. The fans of Japan, which I supported on facebook for the contest Meet&Greet don't give me any more news. That it's the wonderful world of the fans of Tokio Hotel, and it's the similar in all the countries.
In brief, I am alone with Julie in Tokyo with a promise of one entry to the showcase for a single person, a ticket which I have to get back and pay 2 hours before the show.
I feel just tired this evening (probably because of the journey) and more and more depressed (Probably because of the fatigue).
In Shibuya in the evening.
I am going to bed! Too much tired! That will be better tomorrow.