Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today online shopping, pancakes at home the Candlemas

I had a meeting in the South of Paris today. I come back early at home. Then I made shopping on internet. I cracked on the site of Gold Marie. I like this brand .
There is a store Gold Marie in Hamburg only. But I don't go there in the next days. I go just to Berlin on February 13th with Paul, my son, until February 16th.
I bought 2 T shirt, a hat, a scarf and 2 jewels. For once, I didn't buy leather jacket.
I resisted this magnificent Panther hanger. I like this jewel.

Personnel message to BK. If you want no more this jewel one day, thinks to me Baby.

This evening, I had time to prepare pancakes (crêpes in France) on the occasion of the Candlemas. It was very good.

I didn't still receive my CD " Dark side of the sun " from Japan. It was sent on Saturday, January 29th. Grrrr!! I am impatient.


  1. Très joli bijou..
    t'as raison Marie, faut se faire plaisir de tempe en temps :-)

  2. OUi Manue, mais je ne l'ai pas acheté. J'ai résisté. Mais je l'adore ce bijou. J'ai acheté autre choses. Bisous Manue