Thursday, February 17, 2011

back to Paris

I was back from Berlin. I like very much Berlin. I find that it is an extraordinary city. There are so many things to be made in this city. But if I had to live in Germany, I would like to live in Hanover. I like the atmosphere of Hanover.
I have a professional project which could allow me to work between Paris, Munich, Hanover and Hamburg, for 2012. But for that, I absolutely have to work my German. I am going to make some weekend only in Germany this year to speak as much as possible in German ( not English). I need professional change. I especially need to move.

I'm focused at work, I forget the pains of love
! For a moment!

work on my German, I found this magazine : "Paris Berlin"

The news about Germany are written in French and the news about France are written in German. This magazine talks about any subject (political, social, culture, music, cinema ...), all the news Franco-German. Ich liebe Paris. J'aime Berlin. Ich lese PARISBERLIN .

I was at home today. I took care of my pets. Bill got vaccinated at the vet. Now he sleeps, poor Bill. I brushed Lova for almost half an hour and I had to cut several nodes. Lova loves brushing.

Tom has slept almost all day. It will be on top tonight to wake me up. Tom is Simon's cat. Really! If you don't know, watch this video and you can understand my problem every night :


  1. Enorme Lova :) ..une super peluche ..mab

  2. Paris Berlin j aimerai bien trouver ce magazine près de chez moi