Tuesday, February 8, 2011

9 february - My birthday , Wahou

On February 09th, it's the day of my birthday. And I remember me of this day in 2008. On February 09th, 2008, I was in Montreal, for the first concert of Tokio Hotel on the American, Canadian continent.
I wanted to be there on this first date. I wanted that the boys know that I would support them all around the world. I had no ticket for the concert and it was sold-out. But magically, the cashdesk opened to sell 10 tickets just 1 hour before the beginning of the concert.
It was -7°C in Montreal, but this day was really wonderful.

And on this February 09th, 2011, the boys sing in Tokyo. They are magnificent. Bill is so cute.

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  1. Bah oui Marie, tu peux pas passer tous tes anniversaires avec les gars :-)
    happy birthday..