Thursday, February 3, 2011

I listen to David Bowie at the moment

I bought this box set of David Bowie in 2008 and I never took the time to really listen. I was too busy with Tokio Hotel, concerts, CDs ...
I put 5 CDs on my iPod and listen to a lot right now. I even managed not to listen to Tokio Hotel. It's a feat.
AND these 5 CDs by David Bowie are really good.

I received my CD " Dark side of the sun " from Japan (Deluxe version). Finally almost. For the moment, the sound is not very good. Lol

Tomorrow evening, the sound will be better! Of course! YEEEEESSSS !

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  1. Super !!!!!!
    oh la photo de Bill, mamma mia !!!!!!!!!!!
    Küss Marie