Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 year ago, today: The beginning of the tour Humanoid.

1 year ago, I discovered the stage of the tour Humanoid for the first time in Luxembourg. I remember very well this magic moment, when the lights went out.
I was ready to record the first song. I had bought 16 tickets for 16 concerts of this tour. And before the curtain falls I said myself: " and if I don't like this show??? "
All my hotels were reserved. I attended the first 10 dates of the tour. I had also reserved flights for Scandinavia. Before the curtain falls, I was afraid.
Then the curtain fell and the Humanoid ball appeared. At this moment, I understood that this show would be exceptional. I was the happiest fan of the world.
My only regret today is not to have attended all the tour dates.

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