Sunday, February 27, 2011

Today, Humanoid footing with Bill !!!!!!

AND yes, I went my Humanoid jogging today with Bill. He withstood very well 1hour and 30 minutes of running. At the end, he was quite wet by sweat... Yes OK! It was my sweat!!!
My sweat on Bill!!!! ... Mmmh... I am going to take a shower, it's better!!

To speak more seriously!! Many persons speak about Bill as a very frail person. I think that Bill is rather a very strong and rather sturdy person physically. To assure 30 concerts within 2 months, it is also a big physical performance.

Sorry for sunglasses, but I have just run during one hour and 30 minutes, without make-up obviously.

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  1. Ouaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Mariiiiiiiiiiiiie !!!!!!!!
    quel look de tueuse :-)
    Gros küss...