Sunday, February 20, 2011

Come back from my Humanoid footing

Every Sunday, when I am at home, I was going to run at around midday in the wood of Vincennes with my ipod and always the live of the tour Humanoid of Tokio Hotel. I run by listening to the CD live in its entirety, approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
When I ended my jogging this morning, I made some stretchings on the song " Hurricanes and Suns ". And I began to sing aloud.
" ......
see the halo ha ha halo
come pain
come hurt see the halo ha ha halo
He he hey he he hey
A jogger who was running next to me, smiled me and said: "It is really nice ....". I just answered: "Yes I know this song is really beautiful ..". I don't know if he knew I sang a song of Tokio Hotel.

I like running in the woods sometimes. That air my head. While I run I think about many things. And it's at this moment that the ideas come in my mind about my site,my work, or my life in general ... I always feel better after.

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