Monday, February 21, 2011

Dangerous Liaisons

When I fell under the spell of Bill Kaulitz in 2007, I did not want to believe in it. I wanted to know more about him in the only purpose to find the fault. No this 17-year-old boy could not move me deeply so. There was necessarily a problem.

Then I examined his life, his tastes, his passions.. AND more I looked, more I discovered somebody who had the same passions as me, the same desires, the same way of seeing the life … Today in 2011, I don't still have to find the error. I thus have to stop looking. I believe that there is not.

And in a recent interview, given in Tokyo, 2 weeks ago, Bill says that the movie " Dangerous Liaisons ", movie of 1988 (he wasn't even born) is one of his favorite movies.
This movie, I watched it several times in 1988 in the cinema. I have the DVD that I have watched hundreds of time. I read the book several times. I am a fan of this movie.

The described feelings are there so strong and violent at once. Madam de Tourvel's passion for the Viscount of Valmont touches me so much. She died to have loved this man, because this liaison had no way out. I sometimes have the feeling to be "Madam de Tourvel" in this world, with an ardent passion which burns me the heart and which can lead only to a liaison more than dangerous.

Read tonight that this movie is one of Bill's favorite movies, it almost frightens me. I had still never met a person with tastes (with passions) so close as mine.
I had felt at once it in 2007. I never made a mistake about him.

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