Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dark side of the sun - Hairdresser - Zumba

Saturday with the music of the album " Dark side of the sun ". I try to impose at home the music of Tokio Hotel in front of those of all these Korean groups (Shinee, CNBlue ... ). Julie lost her head. These bands interest me in no way!. Bands of guys who dance and sing without playing really music. Not for me! Thus I listen to Tokio Hotel.

I need a dedication on this album. I have one of every album of Tokio Hotel which is dedicated. With the exception of the Best Of and of this last album from Japan. One day I hope.
My most beautiful dedication is the one of Bill on the text of Totgeliebt. I so wanted this signing in 2007.
I like this Bill's photo in the booklet of the album Dark side of the sun! Magnificent!

I visited my hairdresser this morning. He is brilliant I like what he makes every time. He is Italian. He cuts my hair for 5 minutes and he speaks during the 1 hour (with hands obviously).
Another photo before I leave for Zumba of Saturday! I am addicted! (Waka, Waka, Waka ....)

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