Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today Laser Game in Paris

Today, Paul was invited in the birthday of a friend. The programm : Laser Game. I participated with the other parents and Julie. I liked. I had organized it for the anniversary of 10 years of Paul in 2009.
The Laser Game Evolution is a simulation of firing where several players are in confrontation to win the maximum of points by touching as much as possible the opposite plastrons without firing at his partners.
The games take place in a labyrinth fitted out on several levels. The murderesses and the mirrors which strew the area of game will allow you to make a success of a lot of firings by surprise but, attention it can turn around against you!
The equipment developed in the Laser Game Evolution works with a technology 100 % laser, without use of infrared. The centers Laser Game and Laser Game Evolution are the only ones to use this innovative technology where only your precision and your speed will guarantee you the victory.
I don't like my face on the pic. But I am in action. Sorry
My score (14th on 20) NO comment please.

I want to go to it again. I like that. And then I have to improve my score.

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