Saturday, January 8, 2011

My nights with Bill and Tom

Bill sleeps with me every night. I go to bed late and Bill is already in my bed when I come. Tom arrives on the bed during the night, most of the time. But he comes to take place on me, on my chest (between my 2 breasts). He puts his head in my neck, purrs and slavers
Bill wakes up. He is jealous. Sometimes, he leaves sulking at the bed end. And sometimes he jumps on the spot to catch my attention.
My nights are full of peace.
When Bill sulks at the bed end, Tom lies down on the bed next to me. And when Bill jumps, yaps, Tom leaves to look for another bed. Then Bill lies down next to me. The night can continue.
My nights with Bill and Tom are sometimes disrupted.

Tom is OK!

Bill sulks!!!

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