Thursday, January 13, 2011

Desire : to have a good time in Paris

So many problems, working excess! Problems of plumbing in my house, plumber with problem, ex intrusive, workweek in English with Italian! Impossible and so far Love! A desire : have a good time in Paris Saturday night! And shit, I have just knocked down my glass in the lounge and I have no water to clean!!! Everything is OK!
Who comes to have a good time with me on Saturday night in Paris?
I have the ideal documentation for " Sleepless nights in Paris ". I like so much Paris for that!

I want to begin by having a drink in the Bar of Plaza Athénée. I know, I have luxury tastes, but I like these places to have a drink.

Sorry for this post, but I'm so tired because of the life! I want to have a drink Saturday night in Paris!


  1. courage Marie, si j'étais pas aussi loin, je serais partante pour un verre in Paris by night..küss, je t'appelle sous peu..

  2. Merci Manue. La semaine a été difficile, mais bon ca va mieux. Je serais bien aller prendre un verre avec toi et toute la bande . Ce serait tellement sympa. Pourquoi tout le monde habite si loin. Bisous Manue. On s'appelle sans problème.