Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feeling ?????

I have finally to find a plumber who knew the plumbing. I began to discourage. This craftsman spent 9 hours in my house today. He repaired finally the water leak which disturbs me for 3 weeks. He even repaired the WC that I did not use any more. And all this for a very correct price. A real professional!
I 'm now going to rot the life to the company of plumbing which intervened at home, 3 weeks ago for this famous water leak. They diagnosed me a clogging, and did thus what's necessary for ease congestion, but especially to charge me the full price.
I 'm someone kind, but I hate that people make fun of me.Either they pay off me, or I make them an advertising for my way on internet. ATTENTION? I know how to play with search engines. It is my job.
I went yesterday evening to the theater, to see a comedy, "Mission Florimont". I laughed from the beginning to the end. Moved humor I like.


Why this boy is always in my mind ???

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