Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I isolate myself in Bill Kaulitz's biography

I can't bear any more the rumours which circulate actually about Bill and the group. I have never liked that. But today, I don't any more manage to bear it. I don't want to discuss about this any more with the fans. I just want to isolate myself from internet. I don't want to hear any more all these stupidities, invented by fans who get bored, published then by people media in lack of scoop.
I 'm almost afraid when I switch on my laptop in the evening. These boys deserve more respect.
I need to stand back. I 'm going to continue to update my sites with the main part of news about Bill and the group.
But I need to isolate myself a bit. I isolate myself in a story which fascinates me very much: Bill Kaulitz's biography. I have to update it, but I think of rewriting it. This biography will remain however very personal, with this passion which drives me.

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