Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nostalgia - Les Rita Mitsouko

I liked so much this French rock pop band of the 80s. With David Bowie, this group accompanied me in my years in high school and in university in Nancy.
I was really saddened when I heared of Frédéric Chichin's death, guitarist in 2007. The group stopped.
I often met Catherine Ringer the singer in the sandpit for children at "the Buttes Chaumont" in Paris. Julie was approximately 4 years old and Catherine brought her children.
The couple was very eccentric, moved on stage, but in the everyday life, they lived as everybody.

I liked this title. I like it even today. "Marcia Baila"

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  1. j adore les RITA MITSOUKO ,toutes les chansons sont excellentes,