Friday, January 14, 2011

dead poet's society - requiem for a dream

Why many parents imagine and impose a future to their children? Why do they imagine to know what is good for their children? Dreams children are not the ones of their parents!
For me, the role of the parents is to build a solid base for the child, with a lot of love so that the child can evolve serenely.
The child evolves with his own feelings. A child of doctor does not become necessarily a doctor. Fortunately. The world would be too predictable and boring.
I like very much this movie " dead of society poet ". And the scene of the video is really hard to endure.

Being parents and to understand too late the qualities of your own children, because they are different from yours! It is really terrible!

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  1. quel film magnifique que j'ai regardé je ne sais combien de fois.
    entièrement d'accord avec toi Marie, il faut encourager nos enfants dans ce qu'ils veulent faire même si c'est pas toujours ce qu'on voudrait qu'ils fassent..