Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vienna ..... Finally ...

A long way to go to Vienna today ... But Vienna is fabulous .. This city was one of my biggest dreams for a long time .. the city of Mozart ... This city inspires me ..
I'm in a hotel in the city center ... Wonderful ... The decor of my room made me imagine that Mozart will knock at my door in a few minutes ... It's fantastic .. 


My Hotel room

And about the concert of Tokio Hotel in Hamburg last night ..
It was fantastic ... In a church .. The play of lights .. the perfect sound ... The best one for me ..
I was afraid .. In France in the churches, we can only see classical music concerts ..
I saw a Mozart requiem performance in a church "La Madeleine" in Paris 4 years ago
But why not other concerts  .. Rock , Pop ... 

My photos
The Venue in Hamburg for Tokio Hotel concert

Our King of the suburbia was crowned last night in Hamburg .. Bill Kaulitz

This guitar solo of Tom Kaulitz ... I love this moment of the show ..
Take me to church ....

 And this wonderful song .. 

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