Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunny Sunday in Berlin ....

A relaxing day in Berlin ... I walk in the late morning and early afternoon. Very beautiful day in Berlin today..
 Then I go running in Tiergarten. .. I love running in Berlin .. But I don't feel the best for the race. I think I won't be able to run the Paris marathon ... (next 12, April)
I'm not well-trained and I have a pain in the lower back when I run too long .. And right now I don't want to train me ... Music is my priority .. :-) 

 And my 4 bags of gifts are ready for the 4 boys of Tokio Hotel. They'll perform in Berlin tomorrow ..
The gifts are different. I write the name of each boy on his gifts bag.
I hope they'll receive. I have a M & G after the show tomorrow in Berlin. 

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