Sunday, March 1, 2015

The tension is growing ..

In a few days I start my road trip .. First step London next Friday .. I am going to meet the boys and to make a photo with them for the first time.. I'll discover the scene of Feel It All tour with the first date of the tour .. Yes , the tension grows .. 

I bought a lot of VIP Pack on this tour because I am alone most of the time .. and when we love ..

London --> Great Day Pack
Marseille --> LWLYB Pack
Paris --> Great Day Pack
Brussels --> Regular ticket 
Frankfurt  --> Regular ticket
Zürich --> Regular ticket
Milano --> Great Day Pack
München --> LWLYB Pack
Köln --> LWLYB Pack
Berlin --> Great Day Pack
Hamburg --> LWLYB Pack 
Vienna --> Great Day Pack 
Warsaw --> Great Day Pack 

A long road .. through Europe .. 

 I'll post here the story and photos of my trip ... Currently in Paris, I will leave Friday, March 6 morning to London with Eurostar ... 1st step ..

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