Saturday, March 28, 2015

From Hannover ...

The tour is over .. I have a step in Hanover tonight and I go home tomorrow .. Paris

Yesterday night, at M&G , right after the show, I wanted to say so much to the guys of Tokio Hotel .. thank them for these shows .. I had the best holiday with them .. Congratulate them on the show ...Congratulate Bill on his role in the video clip FIA .. say to him he did a so great job ..

But I was almost in tears .. If I had said something .. if I had looked at Bill .. tears would have flowed ...
I just said "Thank you" and I quickly left.

 Before the picture, Georg asked me what was my favorite show .. I answered him "Hamburg" .. This show was realy great in a church .. And Tom said me Hamburg show was also their favorite.

My last picture ... I miss them .. 

See You .. From Paris

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