Thursday, March 12, 2015

The REAL Club Experience was at The Trianon In Paris Last Night

OMG .. This show in Paris , at "Le Trianon" in this wonderful venue, was a so wonderful show ... No words to describe how this show was exceptional .. Magic .. An energy .. and a so beautiful complicity between the guys of Tokio Hotel and this public of Paris .... What a beautiful Love Story for several years (since 2006) ... 
 I dont have much time. I have to leave for Brussels, as soon as I get my car from the garage .. A problem occurred yesterday morning ... My mechanic adjusts the problem in priority this morning  ..He had yet to check it two weeks ago . Not sure to be on time at the Brussels show tonight ..

My pictures (My videos soon) ..

 And finaly my selfie with them .. I love .. The next Selfie with them, I move closer to Bill .. I need this photo close to him for my website ... And I need this photo .. That's all ..  I would like a picture between Georg and Gustav too .. The guys are so nice .. And Tom is the boss of the selfie ..

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