Saturday, March 21, 2015

From Cologne ... Before to go to Berlin

In Cologne it was a so great show .. with a great atmosphere .. I had a VIP PACK with the M & G before the show .. At the beginning of the concert I was in the third row... Then I quickly moved back on the side..
The German fans were not very friendly .. I don't know if it's because I spoke French at a time with other French fans ..I asked them to keep my place when I went to get me a beer before the concert.

 Many German fans hate the French fans because they accuse of stealing the guys of Tokio Hotel in 2006, 2007.
It's so ridiculous. The important thing is that the boys have an internationnal success .. I think ...
I felt better in the public in Italy with my cousins ..

 Before the end of the show in Cologne, I went to the back of the room ..  There was another German public more friendly ..
 Other than that, I really adored the general atmosphere of this show..

 Go to Berlin today .. I'll stay 3 nights in Berlin ... Tokio Hotel perform tonight in Utrecht , but I don't go there..

My videos - Last night in Cologne 

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