Sunday, December 18, 2011

Works in my house today!

My house is for sale for 3 months, and isn’t sold still today. I had confided the sale exclusively to a property agency for 3 months. But it was an error. I am now going to put it on sale in several agencies and I 'm also going to take care of this on Internet (With the site PAP, from private individual to Private individual) I had a lot of visit, and what seems to bother the visitors, it ‘s my main room. People finds it too small. I think that it 's too much personalized, with red and grey walls.

I am thus going to take advantage of my vacation before Christmas to repaint it with more neutral tones. I have in no way the motivation. Painting your house to sell it, it ‘s not very rewarding. Wish me courage my friends ! ! I need it! !

P.S.: I ‘m going to ask my first question tonight in the VIPcall of Tokio Hotel. I paid for 3 months and I 've not found time yet to play, nevertheless I have many questions.
Tonight, I ‘m going to ask to the boys if they could come to help me to repaint my room between 2 composings of song, it would be nice! No? And if they could bring the band of D. Jost, it would be better.

No I make fun, my question is different ! Of course!


  1. Demande aussi au père noël... C'est le moment ;-) Viel glück !! Bisous. (Fabienne)

  2. bon courage vente d'une maison.. m'en parle pas :-)
    gros küss..

  3. Courage Marie ,tu vas y arrivée.
    Et sinon pour le VIPCall ,demande à Bill quand il viens récupérer son trophée. :-))

    Gros bisous et bonne vacances.