Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Works at the house ended !

I have just ended this evening to repaint my main room. I have 4 visits in the week (2 tomorrow and 2 on Thursday). I had to finish everything today. So it's good!

Bye bye red !


I like the BTK application of Bill and Tom. Through their application, they are spontaneous, as I like seeing them. They are themselves. Bill seems to have fun with this application. I like very much that. I can't have it for the moment. I have a blackberry. But I 'm soon going to buy an IPad. I need it for my job.
In the meantime, I asked my first question in the VIPcall.
I didn't understand very well when I had to speak. It was the first one. I have many questions for the guys. At least 1 a day. I have just created a widget on my blog, where I 'm going to put the links of my questions in the VIPcall of Tokio Hotel.

1 comment:

  1. Ouaah, c'est très joli comme çà :-)
    j'aime beaucoup..
    bonne chance pour tes visites..
    gros küss Marie...