Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rest day at home

After the works in my house during 3 days, I have just spent a quiet day at home. Tomorrow I leave by car, with dog, cats and children to Epinal, to my parents for Christmas. I have just to repaint my main room and today, I had an interesting proposition for the purchase of my house. The persons buy my house in the sale price, if they obtain the agreement of the city hall of my city for the works of raising which they envisage. It 's very positive. I 'll give my answer at the beginning of 2012. I have to be sure that the city hall gives its agreement.
Me today!

I have to ask my 2nd question in the VIPcall. See the widget. Tomorrow I begin to ask funnier questions.


  1. Je croise les doigts pour toi :-) Ce serait, avec un peu de retard..., un beau cadeau de Noël ! Profite bien de ces instants magiques auprès des tiens. Bisous. (Fabienne)

  2. Bonne nouvelle Marie, j'espère pour toi que çà va marcher..
    bonne route..
    gros küss..