Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Magdeburg - 13 december

A little shopping, drive in the surroundings and then, return in the Hotel to write.

I bought "Weinachtskuchen", (Christmas cakes ). I don't know if this cake is good! I'll eat it at Christmas with my family.
And I wrote and I write now ! I like having time to write this Bill's biography. I like putting on paper these words with the passion which livens up me. Bill so inspires me!

I 'm very careful when I drive in Magdeburg. I pay attention to trams and to Gustav! (Lol)


  1. Ahhhh la chance ! Que de souvenirs :-)) Très jolies décorations de Noël et gâteaux appétissants... Mais surtout, d'après tes dires, une inspiration à la hauteur du personnage... Sehr gut ! Alors bonne continuation ;-) Bisous. (Fabienne)

  2. il a pas l'air dégueu le gâteau...
    Küss Marie, sois bien inspirée :-)