Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magdeburg - Weihnachtsmarkt !

I walked a lot today in Magdeburg and I visited the Christmas market in front of the city hall, but especially the historic Christmas market. I found that really magnificent.

The historic Christmas market!

I like how Germans are preparing Christmas! The atmosphere in these Christmas markets remembers me the city where I was born and where I have grows: Epinal in the northeast of France.
In Paris everything is too much in the preparations of Christmas, only business! In Paris, Christmas doesn't have a soul anymore!

I bought this heart in gingerbread! I like! But my hotel room smell sweet gingerbread! I have the feeling to be in a store of candies. I think I 'll sleep very well!

And I wrote a lot. I would like to stay still a few days because I am concentrated on Bill's biography and I didn't end. But I progessed a lot.

Tschüß! Tomorrow, I go to Düsseldorf!


  1. C'est trop beau !! Quelle magnifique période de l'année quand on a gardé une âme d'enfant... Et le coeur en pain d'épices est tellement joli qu'on n'a pas envie de le croquer ! Mais plutôt de l'offrir à quelqu'un... Travaille bien ;-) Bisous. (Fabienne)

  2. superbes tofs..les allemands sont trop forts pour les fêtes...
    küss Marie..